"A detailed account of the night I met a married couple for anonymous sex."



I’ve been travelling for the past 10 days, a long way away from my home, my normal life, my husband and kids.

I’ve crossed so many time zones that my body is in disarray, and my 10-12 hour days are spent enclosed in a building, far away from the sun. I feel like I’m on another planet.

After each long day is over, I go back to the apartment I am staying in, alone. Simultaneously both too tired to think about shopping or cooking, and giddily free from those monotonous tasks which I have to undertake every day in my normal life, so my evenings are spent eating yogurt and cereal in front of bad TV, or on the night that there was no yogurt left, dry cereal swimming in the dregs of a bottle of Grand Marnier.

It’s boring.

And it’s lonely.

I miss having my husband to talk to, someone to touch me or hug me after a long and emotionally draining day. I need physical contact, and I need some distraction.

I have an open marriage, and have met a variety of male lovers in my home city over the past year. I decide to sign up to a popular app in Australia for people who like to “play” outside their marriages, mostly to pass the time and see what the possibilities were. I include the usual photo of myself, face only a quarter visible, lying on my stomach, bum on display. I write that I’m in town for two nights, looking for a woman or a couple to play with. I write that I’m happy to be a Unicorn – the word the swinger community uses to describe a single woman who joins an established couple in their bedroom. I feel this is safer than meeting up with a single male, given I don’t have much time at all to chat with the person I end up choosing, to get a gut feeling if they are a good match or not.


As with all apps of that genre, most of the profile pictures are varying takes on the infamous dick pic, in all their glorious shapes and sizes. But two smiling faces pop up too – smiling, attractive, friendly-looking people. I click on their profile, which lists everything from height and eye colour to pubic hairstyle and specific sexual preferences. They are into the same things as me, and state they are looking for uncomplicated fun, no drama or time wasters. I send them a short message, apologising for being forward but saying that I’m only in town for another two nights and would they be interested in meeting up?

Yes. Yes, they would be. Very much so.

Not in a pushy aggressive way, but yes.

The person answering the messages on the app is the male in the couple, I learn. Tim. He and I swap details so we can chat and swap photos on Kik, as the swinger app limits non-premium accounts to five messages a day.

We move the conversation to Kik, and he immediately sends two pictures, one of each of them, naked. No heads. I’ve already seen their faces on the app, and know that I like the look of them. I send back a similar photo of myself, compliments are exchanged in each direction, and then the logistics start.

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I have a dinner planned with a friend I haven’t seen for three years – what time can I get to them? Where do they live and how long will it take in an Uber? Are there plenty of Ubers out there so I can easily get home? I’m going from my current location, out to dinner then to them. I don’t have sexy underwear, in fact, I’m wearing my basic white granny briefs. Tim assures me that this isn’t a problem, and also says that he has shared my messages and photo with his girlfriend, Emma, and she has given the plans for the evening the green light.

Of course, we talk about protection and the fact that it is non-negotiable.

I go to my dinner, buzzing. My friend and I have a wonderful, amazing time catching up, laughing and having cocktails. Once she has left, I text them to be sure they are still keen.

Emma sends me their address, I order an Uber, and then I’m on my way.

We continue to message as my Uber takes me out there. I let them know that I have sent their details to the same trusty friend I always use as my safety friend, so she has their names, phone number and address, should anything go wrong. I didn’t send my friend their pictures because it’s only 7am where she is, and two unknown naked bodies might have been too much for even the most tolerant of friends to handle.


I joke that I really hope they aren’t serial killers, all the while knowing I am putting myself into a potentially stupid and dangerous situation. It’s reckless of me – I have a family, small kids. But that is also what attracts me to circumstances like these, the escape from the carefully planned, carefully timed existence I usually live.

I tell them I’m nervous, and I’ll need to be kissed very fast. That’s the best way to help the nerves.

While I’m in the Uber they let me know that their flatmate has just come home. He’s gone to bed… we’ll need to be quiet.

I arrive, and of course the Uber drops me at the wrong house. I wander down the road a little until I see a well-built man standing in the street.

“Gemma?” he asks.

I say yes, and then we are kissing. Easily, with no other words. He leads me into the dark house, motioning for me to remove my shoes at the door. He takes my hand to guide me to the bedroom, opens the door, and Emma is there on the bed, in a white negligée.

From there it is all hands and mouths, kissing and touching. Some talking, some laughing. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s very good.

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I enjoy being a part of their intimacy, feel privileged to have been invited into their private world. As their Unicorn, my role is as a sort of sex cheerleader, telling her how lucky she is to have him, how good he is, and telling him how lucky he is to have her, how gorgeous and sexy she is. She enjoys watching him give me pleasure, and he enjoys watching me pleasure her.

They are respectful, although who I am as a person is not actually important in this game. It’s about them, and I am an interchangeable part – an extra piece in the sexual configuration, another conduit for fun.

I enjoy this role. I’ve been in control from the second I messaged them on the app, and as a Unicorn, I had plenty of choices available. It was me who decided to go out there to them, and I get to decide and agree to how the various parts of the threesome are put together, each step of the way.

When the evening comes to an end, everyone pulls on clothes again. No more kissing, but easy chatting. We all say we’d like to meet again, should the opportunity arise – unlikely as that is. I call my Uber and Tim escorts me outside to wait for it, leading me by the hand once more through the dark house.

We say goodbye, and I leave, feeling satisfied. Empowered. Like the wonderful and exceedingly rare creature that a Unicorn is.

I can’t wait to be one again.

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