Your four most common sex problems - solved instantly.

Struggling with your sex life? Try these quick fixes for four common sex problems.

You’re in a rut:

Sex is like everything else in your life – it’s easy to get into a routine and just do the same things over and over. There’s an easy way out of it. Each of you write a list of what you like about your sex life and want to keep on doing. Then write a list of at least five things each that you’d like to try that’s new. Each week or fortnight (depending on your commitments), try one of the 10 suggestions. If you try 10 new things, you’ll probably end up liking and doing 3-4 of them regularly. Do this every three or six months and you’ll always keep things fresh.

Watch the trailer for Sex Tape below, where Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel find themselves in a rut. Post continues after video.

You want romantic sex, he wants lusty sex (or vice versa):

A good sex life means a mix of all different types of sex – gentle and loving, lusty and raunchy. So the battle over the type of sex you both want isn’t necessary – it’s healthier to have some of both. Simply agree to take turns on the style of sex, but – and this is crucial – the other person must agree to absolutely give in to enjoying the session. It can’t be a case of one grudgingly doing it, in a right sulk!

You’re shy about being seen naked:

To combat body shyness: make sure the bedroom is flatteringly lit. Light from below. Tea lights on saucers work really well. You’ll be much happier getting naked, if the lighting is kind. Also buy a few big pillows to use during sex. They’re great to use as support under bottoms during intercourse but also perfect to hug or place to hide parts of your body that you’re particularly self conscious about. At least that way, the rest of you is naked and you can get used to feeling comfortable naked in front of your partner.

Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the 1953 film, 'From Here to Eternity'. Image via Tumblr.

You’re stuck in a sex sulk:

Have a five minute vent session. Set a timer for five minutes while one of you talks about any problems you have that are making you feel resentful. The other person can’t talk during this time and has to listen because once the time is up, they have to repeat back what they’ve said. Repeat the exercise until the first person feels heard and that the right message has been received. Then swap. After both of you have had your say, talk through solutions. You can do this using the five minute device or just have a natural discussion.

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