SEX DIARIES: 'I finally understand what it means to "make love". It's the best sex of my life.’

The physical attraction was palpable from the moment we met; there was an undeniable sexual chemistry. 

We had locked eyes across the crowded Ibiza beach club, and I'd known I needed to talk to him. But right after we shared our first kiss, my friends were leaving - and I had to go with them. 

Disappointed, I left him with my number, not expecting to hear from him again - I was flying back home the next day, and back in the UK, where I lived at the time, our homes were 300km apart.

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It just didn't seem likely. But then he messaged me. 

We got chatting and a few weeks later; he travelled to London for our first proper date. We had drinks on a rooftop bar, followed by dinner in a Mayfair restaurant. 

Back at his hotel, we climbed into the hot tub.

He kissed my neck, before slipping his fingers underneath my bikini top. 

Finding my nipples, hard and erect, he squeezed, sending sensations down my legs. 

I arched my back, tugging at the drawstring of his board shorts. 

Inching my palm inside, I greeted his rock solid c**k with a deep moan, squeezing him tight, savouring how he felt in my hand. 

But it was the wrong time of the month for me to want things to go any further. 


So that night I fell asleep in his arms, and the next morning, I was floating. 

The following weekend, I invited him on a trip to Budapest.  

For three days, we explored the city, getting to know everything there was about Hungary and each other. 

It was the best second date of my life. 

Our discussions were deep, our conversations were real, and we didn’t stop kissing. 

Yet in bed there was a distance I couldn’t quite put my finger on. 

Despite all the build-up, it was as if we couldn’t give that final part of ourselves to each other. 

It was as if we both knew that it wouldn’t just be sex, that it would be so much more. 

Less than two weeks later, we met in Scotland. By this time, we were committed and in a hotel room in Aberdeen, we completely let ourselves go. 

Lying underneath him, I felt the weight of his body as he slowly pushed into me. With my legs wrapped around his waist, I’d never felt so full. 

As we started to move together, it was perfection - and the pleasure was simultaneous; we matched each other moan for moan. 

I truly felt we had a connection, and it resulted in sex like I'd never experienced before. 

Before this, someone was always in control. Or it was working for someone and not the other. I always thought it was about give and take. You took turns with what you liked, and what you didn’t. Who preferred what position, who set the tempo. 

I realised now; it was about sharing the same experience. 

It was moving as one body and finding the deep depths of your sexual pleasure. This, I finally understood, was making love. 

Consumed by an intimacy, I whispered in his ear: "I love you."

Without missing a beat, he breathed into mine: "I love you too."

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