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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Sex emoticons are finally here.

Well, it’s about damn time.

No longer do we have to use the finger pointing emoji and the a-ok sign emoji when we’re feeling a bit frisky. You know the one we mean…

It really gets you in the mood, eh? EH?

Finally, someone has had the sense to invent sex-themed emoji, so we don’t have to use ambiguous finger signs when we’re in the mood.

Called ‘Flirtmoji’, the new selection certainly doesn’t hold anything back (NSFW, obvs):

Yup – there’s a couple of penises there, some boobs, a vag, some sperm and a magazine called ‘DIX’.

It’s awesome.

The creators of Flirtmoji explain on their website that they were frustrated with the Apple and Android App stores not allowing any sexual content:

Humans have always been sexual creatures, and now we’re sexual creatures with cell phones and wi-fi connections and we’re taking advantage of it.

…Despite all this sexual activity oozing out of our lightning ports and headphone jacks, the app stores for Android and iOS do not permit sexual content.

Are you a text flirt? Watch the Mamamia team reveal the last text they sent to their partners below (post continues after video).

Users can download Flirtmoji to their phones, and then simply copy and paste whichever sexy symbol they would like into a message. A bunch of standard Flirtmoji come free, and more specialised Flirtmoji (BDSM, Partytime, Fetish 101…) can be purchased for 99 cents.

So there you go. You officially have no excuse to use the pointy finger and a-ok sign anymore. Be a grown-up and start sending actual sex emoji immediately.

Would you use the new sex emoticons?