This is what a sex toy factory looks like on the inside.


WARNING: All of the nudity featured in this post is fake, but eerily realistic, so it is still probably NSFW. If you don’t enjoy a little bit of creepy fake nudity, click here instead. Ponies in cardigans. Much better.

Let’s talk about sex dolls.

Not comical, blow-up ones. Ones that look like this:

It’s difficult to know how to feel about sex dolls. On the one hand, they’re a relatively harmless sexual supplement/replacement for some (probably lonelier) members of society. On the other hand, they’re life-sized plastic dolls that people pretend to have sex with.

However you feel about them though, you’ll find this gallery compelling:

These are pictures from Zackary Canepari’s photographic series, ‘Love Machines’. You can see the rest of the chilling photos by clicking here.

Canepari’s photographs show various stages along the production line at the Real Doll sex doll factory in San Marcos, California, where a nippled and labia-ed life-sized Barbie doll will set you back a whopping $6000. The images are haunting, but perhaps the most intriguing thing about them is that they are just like the pictures that would come out of any other factory. Production lines, work benches, for a place that churns out things that are so taboo, it all seems strangely… normal.


But, of course, instead of car parts or biscuits laying along a conveyor belt there are, you know, boobs.

While we’re delving into the world of adult Mattel, let’s watch this interview with Real Doll’s creator Matt McMullen. (Warning: the plastic nudity featured in this post is about to peak. As is the creepy carnival music. You’ve been warned.):

If you can’t watch the video, here’s the story of how McMullen started up his sex doll factory:

“I’ve always been sort of a recluse, a little bit, so I spent a lot of the time in the garage by myself. There were obviously family there, and I would show them what I was doing, and they always said that I was weird. And really, the initial concept I thought would be a really cool mannequin for display, stepping outside the bounds of a traditional mannequin which tend to be supermodel-esque. I wanted to do something with some sexy curves.

I started making a couple of early prototypes, and put up a website, and said, you know: “I’m making this really crazy mannequin.” And I got a lot of people asking me by email if these things were anatomically correct. And, if so, could they order one. And I realised this was sort of the direction that it was going to go and I just went with it.”

See… that’s not so bad. He was just a man who wanted to see more realistic mannequins in shops, right? A body image crusader. Right? RIGHT?

Ah, who are we kidding. This is the freaky-deeky stuff of most people’s nightmares. But this guy’s still in business, which means there’s obviously a market for these dolls. So what do you think? Creepy and anti-feminist? Or a respectful homage to women and a good way to combat lonliness?

Either way, we probably all need to see this right now: Shetland pony in a cardigan, anyone?

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