New human-like sex dolls look so real, you won't believe they're made of plastic.


Human-like sex dolls.

They’re not a new thing, but they’ve recently been given a makeover – and you need to take a look at how real (and attractive) these plastic women are.

Photographer Stacy Leigh has captured life size sex dolls in a photography series called Average Americans. The 43-year-old New Yorker wanted to portray dolls in a realistic way to prove that anyone can find these mannequins attractive, and to take away the negative stigma associated with them.

Image via The Stacy Leigh Tumblr.

“Men and women both use the dolls as replacements for human companionship, whether by choice or necessity…I believe it’s perfectly fine if it makes one’s journey through life more bearable,” Stacy told the Daily Mail. 

The dolls have been purposefully dressed and positioned in different clothing, styles and poses to attract a diverse audience. Dolls in the collection are worth just over $6,000.

Image via The Stacy Leigh Tumblr.

Stacy told the Dail Mail, “As the world becomes more digital and less personal, dolls and robots will become more commonplace as surrogates for relationships…I can only hope that my photos spark an emotion or connection in the viewer.”

If these dolls are providing an escape from loneliness for some people, then why not make them as realistic and as attractive as possible? As the digital age continues to evolve and it becomes more common for men and women to find love and friendship through avatars and plastic figurines, maybe we should be stepping up the quality of their partners.

Just look at how life-like and strangely beautiful these dolls are:

Stacy owns 12 dolls of her own, and spends a lot of time making them look real by adding wrinkles and depth to their face.

“The same way I would a painting,” she told the Daily Mail.

As an artist, Stacy manages to bring these dolls to life. You look at them with a new fascination, and take a few moments to wrap your head around the fact that they’re made of plastic – not human flesh.

What do you think of the realistic portrayal of these sex dolls?