Why don't we have a Sex Discrimination Commissioner yet?

Australia has been without a Sex Discrimination Commissioner for four months now.

Elizabeth Broderick ended an eight-year stint in the role in early September and, while hers are big shoes to fill, the government has made slow progress in finding a replacement.

Asked about the delay in November, Attorney-General George Brandis said he was expecting an appointment “very soon” and it is understood that an advisory panel is currently considering candidates.

It does seem a glaring oversight though, even without considering the current Jamie Briggs fiasco engulfing the government.

Labor is claiming the vacancy is evidence that Malcolm Turnbull still isn’t taking sexism seriously.

“I’m floored that the government doesn’t seem to care that Australia has no Sex Discrimination Commissioner,” shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus told ABC radio this morning.

“Malcolm Turnbull has simply done nothing to fill this important position,” he said.

“It doesn’t appear to be a priority for him, and that is a disgrace for women everywhere.”

Meanwhile, the former commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, who has been named the 2016 NSW Australian of the Year, says there are many impressive and qualified candidates available for the job.

Watch her discuss her achievements on ABC News Breakfast yesterday:

“I know that plans are under way to appoint a new sex discrimination commissioner,” Ms Broderick said.

“I’d love to live in an Australia where we didn’t need a sex discrimination commissioner. Unfortunately, we’re absolutely not at that point now, but I do hope that we see an appointment in the reasonably foreseeable future and there are so many great candidates out there.”

Feature image via Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick Facebook page.