Seven Year Switch's Tallena and Brad share their honeymoon snaps.

Despite outcries from thousands of fans following the announcement they had married, Seven Year Switch couple Tallena and Brad have continued to share snaps from theirs state of newly wedded bliss.

Taking to their joint Instagram account on Thursday, the pair shared two images from their Bali honeymoon.

The first, which showed the pair sitting by the pool with huge grins on their faces was captioned, “After filming for most day’s from 6am till midnight and sometimes longer whilst also trying to finish the final touches for our wedding, relaxation in bali [sic] for our honeymoon hit the spot quiet [six] nicely, to find ourselfs [sic] and have just us to have each others company.”

Brad and Tallena share the first of their honeymoon snaps. Source: Instagram.

Just hours later, a second image was posted to the account, this time showing the two on board their flight, Brad donning a red and white spotted neck pillow.

This time, the photo caption read, "One of the perks of your wife working with the airlines. You get to travel and experience with your bestfriend [sic] what the world and life has to offer. Building memory's [sic] that will last a life time and never fade of leave your heart. Our forever shananigan [sic] stories will always start when you are walkin [sic] next to me laughing, love and adventuring side by side and hand in hand. Love u bub xx."


Posted on Thursday, the two were happy for an international getaway. Source: Instagram

The Queensland pair also shared a picture from their wedding (which took place while the show was filming) earlier this week.

Throughout the controversial series, Brad's behaviour towards Tallena left many viewers concerned, suggesting that she run far and fast.

But during the Monday night reunion special, the pair spent some time discussing how things (mainly Brad) had changed, Tallena saying that she had found her voice and that they were happily moving on.

Brad and Tallena were one of the most volatile couples on season one of Seven Year Switch, with a second proposal taking place on the final episode of the show...