Couples are lining up for season two of Seven Year Switch.

Our nation of reality television show lovers is not quite done with Seven Year Switch.

Speaking to AAP, one of the show’s two counsellors, Jo Lamble said the show has been inundated with applicants for season two.

“They had more than 500 the first time, and you’d think after people had watched it they would say ‘’no I don’t want to do that’ and yet they’ve had far more.”

The show takes four pairs of long-term partners whose relationships are facing major challenges and swaps participants around, giving each person a new “partner” for two weeks.

During that time the original couples have limited access to one another and are encouraged to interact in relationship-like scenarios with their new, temporary partner.

Season one couples(top l-r): Michelle and Jason; Jackie and Tim; Tallena and Brad; Ryan and Cassie. Source: Channel 7.

During season one of the Channel Seven show, the couples' problems included communication breakdowns, financial issues, commitment problems and a lacking of sexual intimacy to name but a few.

But since opening up applications for season two of the show - set to screen next year - Channel Seven has reportedly been inundated with couples keen to air their relationship grievances on television.

The trailer for season one of Seven Year Switch. Post continues... 

Video via Channel 7

"I get the impression from the number of people applying, and certainly from what I've found from all my clients, they all want to talk about it," Lamble continued.

"I'll say to my clients 'let's just talk about your stuff' and they'll say 'let's spend some time on this'. They want to discuss and learn from it.

"People want to see these issues discussed and they relate to the issues."

Counsellor Jo Lamble. Source: Channel 7.

With season one's final episode airing on Tuesday night, opinions on the show and its couples are still doing the rounds, with many thinking despite two weeks of reflection and counselling the relationships remained toxic.

And while all four reunited couples committed to staying together, the reunion episode planned for next week appears to have even more news in store for viewers. We'll have to wait and see.