Seven Year Switch's new season included a massive twist the couples did not expect.

After approximately 748 weeks of Married At First Sight, Australia was ready for something new.

Sure, they still wanted to watch dysfunctional couples and their relationships implode on national television, but at least they wouldn’t have to deal with people fake marrying complete strangers and fighting over dinner parties every night.

mafs photo
Thank goodness THIS is over, amiright? Image via Channel 9.

So, when the second season of Seven Year Switch aired last night, Australia was happy.

Here were four couples who were willing to try anything to keep their marriages and relationships alive.


(At least, we think that's how the show is supposed to work...)

Michelle from last years season tells Tiff and Clare on The Binge what her advice is for this years contestants....

And things were going great.

The couples swapped, they moved in to luxury beachside mansions and OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY GETTING FAKE MARRIED MAKE IT STOP.


Yes, this is a thing that happened. Apparently, all reality TV shows must now involve a) aspiring Instagram models and b) sham weddings.

After entering the experiment with their partners, the switch went down surprisingly well. As in, no one seemed (openly) disappointed by their 'new' partners.

SYS couples season 2
The four couples of Seven Year Switch season two. Image via Channel 7.

Then, the four new couples were presented with rings and a note, telling them the "best way" to truly feel a "sense of partnership" with their new partner was to "take part in an experimental marriage".

SYS season 2 married
They even had fake rings. And fake proposals. Image via Channel 7.

To be honest, we can think of a lot of activities besides, you know, getting married that can evoke a sense of teamwork.

Scuba-diving. Stacking and unloading a dishwasher before a commercial break finishes. A game of Pictionary, perhaps.

Tricking people into marrying a complete stranger - especially when some of the 'contestants' are already engaged to someone else? Bizarre to say the least.

Twitter agreed, with viewers voicing their confusion at the cross-network, reality TV mash-up.


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