The Seven Year Switch couples are back. And not without drama.

Just when you thought Seven Year Switch was over, you were proved wrong. Returning to Channel 7 for one last night, the four highly controversial couples made their way back onto screens, talking to Edwina Bartholomew and therapists Jo Lamble and Peter Charleston about where they are now and what’s been happening since the show’s final episode wrapped.

First up were Cassie, Ryan and one giant baby bump.

Despite having spent many years together and sharing a family, the pair were at their wits ends by the time the show rolled around, considering it to be their last chance.

"We were in such a fragile place when that experiment started," Cassie admitted, adding that watching the experiment back had "been difficult".

But despite the hard times, the pair appeared closer than ever - Ryan sitting closely to Cassie throughout, both smiling and listening to one another attentively throughout.

"Our world has just changed," Cassie said happily, with Ryan adding that Cassie had finally dropped the resentment she'd harboured towards him for for long.

When asked what the best thing that had come from the experiment was, Ryan said with a grin, "For me it's easy. Happy wife, happy life. The old saying is true."

Next up was Gold Coast duo Michelle and Jason, who were easily one of the most fraught couples from the series.

Michelle had admitted to no longer loving her long-time partner, whereas Jason seemed intent to make things work but admitted that he'd stopped listening to what his girlfriend said long ago.

"It was a bit of a roller coaster," Michelle admitted to Bartholomew during the reunion.

Then, dropping a bomb shell, she announced that she and Jason had made the decision to separate.

"We tried," the mother-of-two said before adding, "But it got to the stage where we just couldn't try anymore. We were just suffering under each other's pressure."

When asked how he felt about it all, Jason said that he felt good knowing that they had both tried before making the decision. "I was trying everything; I can honestly say that I tried everything possible and more."

"I love Jason with all my heart," Michelle said through tears, "and I am the luckiest woman in the world because I got to have my babies with my best friend. I love my children more than I could ever be angry or dislike him. They need him, so I need him," she explained simply.

In third place was "naked in the spa" Tim and "bossy" Jackie.

Jackie is 25 weeks pregnant, Tim still thinks he tattoo is great, they're engaged, they bought a house and moved to the Gold Coast.


When asked how she's feeling about becoming a mum, Jackie said that she is, "excited, nervous, overwhelmed, emotional."

Bartholomew then turned her questioning to Tim, asking the personal trainer if he's ready for fatherhood.

"I guess I'll have to be," the personal trainer said chuckling.

"I'll have two children," Jackie said laughing.

"What I have learnt is that being aggressive with Tim is not going to extract that affection I was after," Jackie said. "I'm sort of learning that to get that affection out of him I need to take a step back."

Now they sometimes hold hands and Tim tells Jackie he loves her a few times a year.

When asked if all of their dreams had come true Tim responded, "yeah, pretty much" with a huge smile.

Happy not happy for you two.

And in last place was Australia's very own slow motion train wreck, Brad and Tallena.

From the get go, it was apparent that Brad had some serious behavioural issues, mostly his emotional abuse of Tallena.

When we last saw the pair, Brad had proposed to Tallena for a second time and the pair seemed committed to making their future a forever situation.

And it seems that things have been smooth sailing for the pair since we last saw them, because they've since been married.

Talking about the special day, Tallena told Bartholomew they were surrounded by 60 people and she was "so chilled out" she "didn't care about anything," but it was Brad who proved to be the Bridezilla, wanting everything "to be perfect for Tallena."

When Bartholomew asked Brad how it felt to watch his behaviour on television, he said it was "very hard", adding that his verbal assassinations on Tallena were confronting, because it made him realise "you're a devil of your own creation.

"I was the main cause of the problem," Brad acknowledged. "This experiment taught me heaps... I did a lot of stupid things, but that's how I used to vent.

"Where we are now," he continued, "we're an amazing couple."

Even Cassie commented that watching the way Brad treated Tallena made her feel uncomfortable but she was happy that they had come so far.

"Sometimes out of desperation you do have to do something extreme," Tallena chimed in, adding that partaking in the show had ultimately paid off.

Channel 7 is now taking applications for Season 2 of Seven Year Switch.