Seven Year Switch's Kaitlyn and MAFS' Jonesy are now friends. Go figure.

In the ultimate case of reality dating show world colliding, Seven Year Switch‘s Kaitlyn has struck up a friendship with Married at First Sight‘s villain, Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones.

So says New Idea, anyway.

In an interview with the magazine, Kaitlyn said she’d found support in fellow Australian reality TV alumni in the wake of her time on SYS.

Newly-minted friends. (Images: Channel 7/Channel 9)

"Someone that has reached out is Jonesy. He’s being supportive, you know – 'I hope you’re doing well', that type of thing," she said.

"It’s good that we can make friends out of this, especially with other people who’ve been in the same situation."

This cross-pollination between shows seems weird - especially considering they were screened on rival networks. But when you think about it, Kaitlyn and Jonesy being friends makes a lot of sense.

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The two were arguably the most talked-about people in their respective shows - not always for the most positive reasons - and didn't come out of them in a particularly happy place.

"Right now, we’re living separately, taking some time apart – but we’re still hanging out," Kaitlyn told New Idea of her relationship with partner Mark.

"I’m telling him I’m still his girlfriend but he keeps saying he doesn’t know what’s going to happen."

We also like to think Kaitlyn and Jonesy would have a lot of conversation fodder in comparing notes about the advice their on-screen "love experts" gave them.

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