Seven Year Switch's Jackie shares nude pregnancy photos in the lead up to her birth.

Jackie from reality hit show Seven Year Switch has posted a series of pregnancy photos that show the beauty behind birth.

Jackie and her fiance Tim have been on our radars since their tumultuous relationship played out on national television.

The couple are now looking better than ever.

The series was shot by Forever After Photography and places the expecting mum in a world of gentle silhouettes and contrasting lines.

And, as the mum-to-be points out, one of them is reminiscent of Demi Moore’s famous nude Vanity Fair cover:


“I can’t believe this photo is really me! Not sure where Jade from @foreverafterphotography has hidden the 22kg that I’ve put on throughout this #pregnancy?!! Must be under the sheet?!” she joked in her caption.

“I have absolutely loved being pregnant (well besides the pelvis issues I’ve had) but I’m so glad the baby held off long enough for me to get these beautiful maternity photos taken.”

Jackie also told her followers she had never felt “maternal”, but felt that meeting Tim changed her perspective.

“I have never been particularly maternal or overly interested in having children,” she said.

“But when I met Tim, I knew I wanted to have a baby with him from the very beginning.”

The second image places Jackie next to bare-chested Tim.

Source: Instagram.

Fans of the couple have flooded both images with their support and excitement for the impending child.

"Oh wow! Such a beautiful photo," one user said.

Other users commented on the sheer loveliness of the shoot.

"Absolutely beautiful, would have to say the best mummy to be photo I have ever seen, it's so elegant," one user said.

The baby is said to be due very soon, so let's keep our eyes peeled and our Instagrams refreshing.

Featured image: Instagram/@jackie_and_tim.