Seven Year Switch's Ryan and Cass open up on their baby girl's terrifying health scare.

Seven Year Switch favourites Ryan and Cass have revealed their five-month-old daughter suffered a terrifying health scare this week.

Posting an image of baby Mena on Instagram, the Gold Coast couple described having to rush their baby girl to hospital when she began acting “as though she was having a stroke”.

“When your baby starts behaving as though she is having a stroke, scares the bejeebus out of Mum and Dad, baffles the Ambo’s and ED staff then the nurse stumbles upon a SCRATCH ON THE EYEBALL,” they wrote.

“Obviously, the best outcome but nerves are shot after last nights events.”

The photo was posted to celebrate Mena turning five months, and also included a cheeky ‘quote’ from her, saying, “Tricked you Mumma and Dadda just wanted to check out these shiny bright and noisy Ambulance things”.


The couple are known to share the trials and tribulations of parenting with their 28,000 followers.

In August, the couple – who joined three other couples on Channel 7’s controversial reality show and revealed they were expecting Mena on the season’s final episode – honoured the memory of their stillborn son, Dex.

“Another year down! Which sadly means another year without our baby boy. We are coming up to 4 years in October and for us it doesn’t get much easier!” the pair wrote.

“It’s such a beautiful thing to have family and friends take time out of their busy lives to remember Dex.”