Cassie's pregnancy on Seven Year Switch is television's worst kept secret.

Okay. It’s time to address the elephant in the room or in this case, the baby bump in the room. If you watched last night’s episode of Seven Year Switch, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Channel Seven has conveniently been avoiding the fact that Cassie, who is married to Ryan and already mum to two children, is sporting a growing belly.

While in the first couple of episodes it could have been mistaken for a food baby, it’s now getting beyond ridiculous. Let’s have a look at the evidence in photos:

If you still don't believe me after seeing those snaps, I'm not the only one who thinks the experiment obviously worked out well for Cassie and Ryan. Fans of the show also took to Seven Year Switch's Facebook page to comment on Cassie's clear baby bump.

"Cassie not doing much to hide her pregnancy," one commenter wrote.

"I thought she looked pregnant!" wrote another.

"Her bump has grown a lot in a couple of weeks," said yet another.

While another commenter said her "belly button is a dead giveaway."

Channel Seven up until this point seems to have been hiding Cassie's bump with strategically placed pillows and only framing her with head shots. When they've had to film her full length, they'd pan across her body pretty quickly.

But after last night's episode it seems they've gone "stuff it" and haven't even bothered trying to hide it anymore. It's all very bizarre to say the least.

Rosie Waterland doesn't think you should be watching the Seven Year Switch. Listen to her reasons here. Post continues after audio... 

It's not the first time in the series that everyone has had their eyes on Cassie's belly either. In one of the earlier episodes, Cassie in a swimming costume also had fans speculating that she was expecting another child.


Woman's Day also published a piece alleging Cassie had a bun in the oven throughout filming after discovering she was pregnant early on in the season. The source said that "huge drama and tears" followed.

You can watch Cassie jump off the pier in last night's episode below. Post continues after video...

Video via Channel 7

Then there's this. Some totally unsubstantiated gossip from Facebook. Apparently, Cassie and Ryan were spotted over Easter "with a new baby on the way" at their local shopping centre.

Regardless, we'd be particularly overjoyed for Cassie and Ryan, given her heartbreaking admission that she lost a baby at 37 weeks. But Channel Seven, if you're waiting for the finale to announce their "big news" joke is on you, we already know.

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