The seven words that "triggered" Princess Diana's bulimia.

In an interview with Mail Online, Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton revealed new information about the late princess’ splintering marriage to Prince Charles, and the eating disorder that plagued her adult years.

It’s reported that in transcripts of the 1991 meeting between the Princess and Morton, she claimed her battle with bulimia was triggered by a comment made by her then-fiancé.

Recounting the moment that would change her relationship with her body for years to come, Princess Diana told the writer Charles put his hands around her waist and said ‘Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?’

“That triggered off something in me,” the Princess said. “And the Camilla thing.”

‘The Camilla thing’, of course, refers to Prince Charles’ notorious infidelity with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who he would go on to marry some years later in 2005.

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“I was desperate, desperate. I remember the first time I made myself sick. I was so thrilled because I thought this was the release of tension,” she continued.

This incident, combined with the knowledge Charles was seeing another woman, almost made her pull out of the nuptials entirely.

Arranging to meet with her sisters, and sharing her knowledge of the affair, Princess Diana said: “I can’t marry him. I can’t do this. This is absolutely unbelievable.

“They were wonderful and said: ‘Well, bad luck, Duch [her childhood nickname], your face is on the tea-towels so you’re too late to chicken out.”

And, as we all know, she followed their advice, and Princess Diana would become a member of the royal family at just 20 years old.

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