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Mum of "serial killer" Todd Kohlhepp breaks silence after he "confesses" to seven murders.

Following the discovery of captive Kala Brown and three buried bodies on Todd Kohlhepp’s South Carolina property, the mother of the accused serial killer has come forward to defend her son.

Despite police saying her 45-year-old son has confessed to killing at least seven people, his mother Regina Tague told CBS News  that she disagrees with the label “serial killer”.

“I hate that,” Ms Tague said amidst tears.“I know that’s what they say … he was just very misunderstood,” she said.

Kala Brown and David Carver. Source: Facebook.

The distraught woman tried to explain the actions of her son, who is a registered sex offender and real estate agent.

“Todd was not a monster. He’s not even close to it ... He wasn’t doing it for enjoyment. He was doing it because he was mad and he was hurt.”

She said her son killed Brown's boyfriend, David "Charlie" Carver because "he got nasty and got smart-mouthed" and chained up Brown because he "didn't know what to do", CBS reports.

“She saw, evidently, him kill her boyfriend, and he didn’t know what to do with her, he couldn’t turn her loose. She’d go get the police,” Tague said.


Todd Kohlhepp. Source: Police.

Tague told CNN that two of the four victims of the 2003 massacre Kohlhepp has admitted to being behind had chastised the man about his inability to ride a motorcycle.

"Todd was bullied and embarrassed and I think he just held it in long enough," his mother stated.

These revelations come following the discovery of Brown "chained like a dog" in a container on Kohlhepp's property, two months after she went missing.

From there Kohlhepp led police to additional graves, including that of Brown's boyfriend, who died died of several gunshot wounds.

Two other bodies were also buried: married couple Meagan and Johnny Coxie, aged 25 and 29. The couple died as a result of shots to the head and torso.

Meagan and Johnny Coxie. Source: Facebook.

When the killer directed the authorities to the sites of these bodies, Sherriff Writght revealed a disturbing inconsistency in Kohlhepp's personality.

“He was very polite and remorseful, actually. I said a prayer with him,” Sheriff Wright said.

Currently, Kohlhepp remains in custody facing several counts of murder.

Upon visiting her son in prison, his mother claims that her son apologised.

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