Barbie has a new job that would haunt the dreams of any 9-year-old child.

Ken dolls now have a lot more to worry about than their lack of effective sexual organs. 

It’s a good thing Ken dolls don’t have eyes that open and shut.

Because if Ken is living with this particular Barbie (or in the case of most kids’ collections – where then Ken-Barbie ratio is 1:8 – many of this particular Barbie) he’s never going to want to close even a single eye.

Serial killer Barbie is real and also completely bloody terrifying.

serial killer barbie 4
We weren’t kidding. Image via Tumblr.

The iconic doll has fulfilled many different careers in her long – and ever youthful life.

She’s been a roller-skater, a hair dresser, a teacher, a ballerina, and more recently a doctor (#Feminism). However blood-thirsty, ruthless mass murderer is definitely a new skill set for our blonde haired, blue eyed girl next door.

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Serial Killer Barbie was created by Mariel Clayton, an artist living in Durban, South Africa. She self describes herself as a photographer in possession of a ‘subversive sense of humour’.

Subversive indeed….

serial killer barbie 2
Image via Tumblr.

Clayton creates dioramic images (yep, just like you did in year 3 when you made a volcano for science except better and a whole lot more dark) that are inspired by contemporary societal stereotypes. She aims to challenge the way we think about the world around us by using icons and items, like Barbie, in unusual contextual situations.

In short? She makes Barbie do stuff that would haunt the dreams of even the bravest 9-year-old girl and to be honest, a whole lot of us adults too.

Ken – be alert but not alarmed.