Serena Williams took a taxi to the finish line of her foundation's 5km fun run.

Serena Williams is in the headlines this morning for skipping out on her own charity race and taking a taxi to the finish line in the US.

The Daily Telegraph reports the tennis queen stopped after 20 minutes of jogging and hailed a taxi, got inside and travelled in it to the finish line – much to the shock of race onlookers.

Hilarious… Well, hilarious except for that the fact she kind of organised the race…for her own charity.


The race was raising money for the Serena Williams Fund – an organisation set up by the 21-time major winner to help impoverished African children.

Serena has said she does intend to complete the race in full next year.

The tennis superstar is due to be in Australia soon for the Australian Open much to the excitement of local tennis fans.

And while she is royally coping it for decision to take a short-cut to the finish line of the race, it is well known Serena is managing a number of injuries at the moment.

Serena Williams is one of the fittest women on the planet and on an ordinary day, we have no doubt that Williams could run five kilometres in a lot less time than the rest of us.

Let’s all just give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we? There’s got to be a logical explanation…. Right? Maybe she was just having one of those days where she couldn’t be f–ked? And hey, she’s a busy woman.

It is okay, Serena. We totally get it. You pump yourself up, put on your joggers and best activewear and head out the door for a run. You start out on fire, headphones pumping, pavement smashing …and make it around the block once before getting distracted by the nearest coffee shop or wine bar.