Serena Williams' baby cot is from an Australian company and in very high demand.

On Thursday, the first photographs of Serena Williams’ baby were shared online.

As the world fell in love with little Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., the daughter of the champion tennis player and her fiance, reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, there was one detail that didn’t go overlooked.

Little Alexis’ cot.

It’s rose gold. Classic in style. And distributed (wait for it…) by an Australian company.

Yes, Incy Interiors, specialising in “beautiful designer furniture for babies and children”, is the company responsible for Williams and Ohanian’s baby cot.

It’s called the ‘Ellie Cot‘ and retails for $899 (AUD).

“We’ve been told not to talk about it, because there was supposed to be a magazine shoot happening,” Founder Kristy Withers, who had gifted the cot to Williams and Ohanian, told News Corp yesterday.

“But as soon as she posted that video, the phone has been running hot. We’ve been tagged on Instagram all day. It’s been amazing, so cool.”

Serena's cot is from Incy Interiors. Image via Instagram video.

Withers went onto say rose gold is the company's "signature" colour, and that the design comes in a bed as well.

"It’s just unique and glamorous. Everyone loves a little bit of bling," she said.

There is an Incy Interiors store in Sydney. The brand is stocked in 11 countries, and ships stock everywhere through their online store.

Serena Williams says she’s not a baby person. Post continues below.

Williams gave birth to Alexis two weeks ago and was kept in hospital for a few days because of complications.

"It’s been a long time," Serena said in a video to Instagram. "We had a lot of complications but look who we got... we got a baby girl!"

Welcome to the world, little Alexis. And, as for the cot?

If it's good enough for a world champion tennis player, then it's good enough for us.

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