Serena Williams finally gives us a real look at her engagement ring. And it's massive.

The world was surprised when tennis champion Serena Williams announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian last week.

Then she became our new favourite person after she hit back at paparazzi who were trying to snap the sneaky first pic of her new bling by sharing an image of a TACO RING on Instagram.

(Because everyone knows tacos > diamonds. Right? Right?)

Now, the 35-year-old has finally shared a REAL LIFE picture of her engagement ring.

And it’s…well it’s enormous. And beautiful. Did we really expect anything less?

serena ring full
Cute couple. Image via Reddit.

And look, while it's not exactly a close-up. We sure have a very good idea of the size of that rock.

Here it is a little more zoomed in.

serena engagement ring
So shiny, so beautiful. Image via Reddit.

Williams - who is arguably the best female tennis player of all time - has managed to keep the diamond under wraps until now, posting an image of the night Ohanian proposed to Reddit.


Serena shared the happy news of her engagement on Reddit last week, posting a poem about how the proposal went down.

"I came home / A little late / Someone had a bag packed for me / And a carriage awaited / Destination: Rome / To escort me to my very own "charming"/ Back to where our stars first collided," she wrote.

Bear necessities

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"At the same table we first met by chance / This time he made it not by chance / But by choice / Down on one knee / He said 4 words / And [I said yes]."

Ohanian also posted an illustrated image of how the proposal went down, referring to Williams as the "future Mrs. Kn0thing" (his Reddit username).

serena proposal reddit
It's TOO CUTE. Image via Reddit.