This is why everyone knows someone with a birthday in September.

On New Year’s Eve in 1982 my parents possibly, probably, most definitely had sex.

I know this because almost nine months to the day, on 29 September 1983, I arrived in the world.

And I’m not the only kid who’s probably the result of too much holiday cheer and a little bit too much cask wine.

There’s more babies born in September than any other month in the year. You’re probably surrounded by Virgos and Librans right now.

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Jo Power, the founder of Things By Bean, says it’s the sense of celebration and living for the moment around the Christmas and New Year period, coupled with some (probably) potent Christmas punch, which results in such a high birth rate in September.

“People are going to Christmas parties, having a good time and not really planning around birth control,” she says. “And nine months later a baby arrives.”

Power says family planning could play a role too – some parents-to-be might plan so they don’t have to go through their third trimester in the summer months. Others might decide to start trying at the beginning of the year and fall pregnant straight away.

The least popular days of the year to be born are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, which Power believes could be put down to mums-to-be trying to hold off the labour until they get through Christmas lunch, and the most popular birthday is September 16.

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Interestingly, November is one of the least popular months of the year – so all those romantic Valentine’s Day dinners aren’t actually resulting in much baby making.

September babies are in good company too – Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Amy Poehler and Zendaya are all born in the best month of the year.

Are you a September baby? 

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