Can't pull off fancy nail art? Sephora Smart Rollers are your new saviour.

Image: Supplied.

Pinterest and Instagram are great for beauty inspiration, but let’s be honest — sometimes it can make those of us who are uncoordinated (ahem, me!) feel a little inadequate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just skip a couple of steps and cheat your way to nail art? Thanks to one genius invention, you can.

Essentially a stencil-meets-sticky tape hybrid, the Sephora Smart Roller ($16) brings you one step closer to picture-perfect nails.

Watch: How to use the smart roller. (Post continues after video.)

Available in a range of designs including French tips, stars and animal print, you simply paint over the stencil and voila — you have a professional-looking design in seconds.

How to use

Step 1: Prepare nails with your chosen base colour (or leave it plain — up to you!)

Step 2: Tear off a piece of stencil and peel off the backing

Step 3: Apply over the nail, taking care to rub firmly across all sides.


Step 4: With a light application, paint horizontally over the design with your chosen colour

Step 5: Wait five seconds then carefully peel off sideways

Step 6: Allow to dry, then cover with a top coat

The finished product. Image: Supplied.

You can use them on all your nails or play around with a range of designs to create something a little more abstract and unique.

Then, of course, don't forget to post a humblebrag on social media. (Post continues after gallery.)

Have you tried the smart rollers before?

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