So, Sephora just released a makeup sponge that looks suspiciously like a penis.


We’ve just received a penis-shaped gift from the penis-pun heavens.

You see, Sephora has released a new range of makeup sponges.

They’re called the ‘Ocean Crush Sponge Set’ and they’re supposed to be nude-coloured shells.

Except… except… they look suspiciously like something else.

Namely… willies.

Teeny, tiny flesh-toned willies to apply your makeup with.

It’s possibly the best thing to happen in micro penises this year, nay, this decade.

Plenty of people on the internet are excited about the tiny pee pees and have some phallic-themed questions:



While others believe Sephora may have drawn inspiration from some less penis-y things:


Anyhoo, thank you Sephora for this penis-shaped gift from penis-pun heaven.