Sephora has opened in Australia. Here's what you need to buy first.

Via Sephora

So no doubt you’ve heard that Sephora is coming to Sydney…

And if you’re anything like me, every day your excitement has been building to uncomfortable levels – the same way a pimple does just before it pops. Today, it pops, guys!

But before you head into Pitt Street Mall, you need a game plan. There are limited edition products that are, unfortunately, limited, as well as cult beauty products that have never been available in Australia before.

We recommend you make a beeline for these items in the opening week. You can always come back for everything else. To be brutal, some products just aren’t the priority right now.

So here are the brands you need to know, and the cult products to pounce. Do not let some random chick squeal and grab the last one before your very eyes. You will regret it.

Now, I’ve placed the US price with the Australian conversion – these aren’t the official Sephora Australia prices, but let’s hope they stay true to their promise of price matching to the US. Our wallets depend on it.


So, Sephora shopping baskets on THE READY! (They double really well as people bargers too, by the way).

We wish you all the very best in your shopping endeavors.

Any products that we missed?