You've been doing it all wrong: Separating eggs

It’s the bane of a baker’s life. Say goodbye to spilt eggs with this easy trick, and a plastic bottle…

I find the saying “easier said than done” applies very nicely to the process of separating egg yolks from their whites. I’ve seen it done thousands of times on cooking shows – crack open the eggshell, hold a half in each hand and tip the yolk back and forth until all the whites have fallen away into a bowl sitting below.

That should be easy, right? Jamie Oliver certainly makes it look that way. But, of course, it’s not. If I’m not inadvertently murdering my yolks with a jagged shell edge, I’m getting whites all over my hands and/or the bench top. Carnage guaranteed.

So this video is a bit of a life changer. It turns out one empty plastic bottle is all you need to neatly and quickly send your yolks and whites to separate rooms (well, bowls). You can even do multiple eggs at once, such is its eggcellence! Watch this and be awed:

Did you already know this household trick? You did? Okay then, smarty-pants, do you have any to share? 

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