The Mamamia team's 8 sentimental gift ideas for newborns (and their parents).

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Brainstorming a gift for a newborn child, shouldin theory, be a walk in the park.

But unless you are a parent yourself, finding a baby gift that is niche enough to be used again, distinctive enough not to be a duplicate of everyone else's gift, and also meaningful enough to not be forgotten about (or binned!) is... admittedly extremely difficult. 

Of course, air purifiers and humidifiers, the latest baby monitor technology or maybe even a spa day for the parent could all work as an incredible gift to celebrate the newest baby on the block – but there is an entirely fat chance the present wasn't original enough to avoid being... exactly what everyone else has thought of already. 

We went on a mission to find out what some of the most unique and sentimental baby gifts we can give to a newborn and their parents. 

Below are the best 8 sentimental gift ideas, according to the Mamamia team, for newborn bubbies (and their parents too, because why not? They need celebrating too!).

Royal Australian Mint 2022 Uncirculated Baby Coin Set, $45. 

Baby Coins Uncirculated Year Set. Image: Royal Australian Mint. 


If you're looking for unique and super adorable gift to give to a new parent, then the 2022 Baby Coin Set may just be the definition of a perfect and meaningful collectible. 

The Royal Australian Mint sought to reimagine the design of some of our most common coins. To make it special, the $2 coin spotlights a delightful lil' baby looking up at a Southern Cross mobile, the 10c piece features a winky-wonky marionette puppet, while the 50c coin depicts a baby emu and joey having a celebration. 

The set even includes a token that you can get engraved. For $45, the rare collectible offers families a way to have a memorable keepsake they will cherish forever. 

"I want to buy my niece a set, because she would absolutely love it just as much as her mother would. They're super unique to pass off as incredibly thoughtful, but affordable enough that you don't exactly break your pocket buying a set. They're simply divine!" - Shell.


PHILÉ Cashmere Baby Blankets, $215.

PHILÉ Cashmere Baby Blankets. Image: Supplied.

"My girlfriend and I always gift a cashmere blanket with the baby's initials on it from Philè. They're pricy but incredibly special, perfect as a group gift where several of us can contribute. Made with 100 per cent cashmere, they're also designed in Australia and made in Mongolia. Super breathable but still warm at the same time, also very cute and it is simply just a beaut of a buy." - Talia.


Engraved Vera Wang Infinity Cake Knife and Server Set, $149.

Vera Wang Infinity Cake Knife and Server Set. Image: Supplied. 

"One of the most thoughtful and practical gifts we have ever been gifted was a beautifully engraved cake knife when our second daughter was born. It is so useful and special to us! We pull it out every birthday, and while it definitely is a luxury rather than a necessity, it is one of those gifts you feel thankful for having at the exact moment you need it." - Megan.


The Birth Poster, $65. 

The Birth Poster. Image: Supplied.

"I've always loved the idea of gifting a birth poster, which is super sweet as it's a 1:1 scale artwork that reminds the newborn parents how small their little one was when they were born! At the bottom of the artwork, you also add the baby’s birth details: name, length, weight and birthday, so it's a special sentimental gift they can always hold on to. It can even be a gift you build upon as a series if there're siblings joining their family down the track." - Michelle.


Instax Mini Link Printer, $169.

FujiFilm Instax Mini Link Printer. Image: Supplied.

"I think it would be cool to give parents a little polaroid printer and film so they can process their favourite baby photos straight from their phone and display them or use in a baby book! It's a worthwhile memory and one of those gifts that can be used for anything really." - Em.


Mason Pearson Childs Pure Boar Bristle Brush, $185.

Mason Pearson Childs Pure Boar Bristle Brush. Image: Supplied.

Hairdresser and salon owner of Raw, Anthony Nader, told Mamamia any Mason Pearson-made hairbrush is the "hair brush of all hairbrushes."


"It’s my staple hairbrush that I know is guaranteed to give me the results of what I need to accomplish, either in the salon working with clients, or in a studio working on a model’s hair."

Simone from the Mamamia team recommended this gift idea. Is it expensive? Undeniably. But according to reviews and Nader, "it will outlast every other brush on the market."

Not only this, but Nader says it makes an excellent newborn baby gift, as it is what he and his husband have presented to 13 of his nieces and nephews. 

“How many brushes would you purchase in, say, 10 or 20 years compared to one brush? That’s my way of thinking."

Love You Forever book with inscription, $12.75.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, Sheila McGraw. Image: Supplied.


"My family like to typically go with a children's book that has a nice space to leave a lovely written message. Our favourite to gift to new bubs is Love You Forever... It still makes me cry! No matter who you are, how old you are or what becomes of you, you will always be someone's child. It is a classic, and it's perfect." - Susannah.

Personalised Embroidered Santa Sacks, $130. 

Personalised Embroidered Santa Sacks. Image: Supplied.


"The most special gift I think my parents ever received was definitely a Santa Sack that had my name stitched into the fabric (it looks like the exact one from Stitch Witch). It wasn't exactly a newborn gift for me, but my younger sister - and my mum loved the quality and the meaningfulness of it all, so she had one made for me and the rest of my siblings. It's been 20 years since we first got them, and they still look brand new. They also hold so much meaning to us. I think you know when something is an incredible gift, if it holds its value after so many years!" - Shannen.

The Royal Australian Mint is so much more than a factory that produces the coins you find in your change. The Mint makes coins that you can keep and collect too. At the heart, it celebrates and commemorates all aspects of Australian life through the creation of minted treasures. 

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Feature Image: Royal Australian Mint/Instagram @thebirthposter/Mamamia.

Royal Australian Mint
The Royal Australian Mint is so much more than a factory that produces the coins you find in your change. The Mint makes coins that you can keep and collect too. And if that wasn't enough, the Mint is also a national cultural attraction that tells the story of Australian heritage and the art, science and history of coins and coin making. At the heart, it celebrates and commemorates all aspects of Australian life through the creation of minted treasures.