This woman accidentally sent a message meant for her husband to her mother-in-law...


A woman has accidentally sent a text message about her mother-in-law to her, erm, mother-in-law.

Imgur user leoswife746 has shared the story of “one of the scariest moments” of her life on the social media website.

It all has to do with her mother-in-law, a whole lot of cat pee, and a miss-fired text message.

You see, while the mother-in-law was visiting her new grandchild, she mentioned she was experiencing a lil’ bit of a situation at home.

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More specifically, her cats were “spraying everywhere” so she had decided to try to re-home them.

The daughter-in-law then decided to send a text message to her husband, telling him his mum smelt like cat litter and pee.

But… but… she accidentally sent it to said mother-in-law instead.

“When I heard her phone chime instead of my husband’s, I went into panic mode,” the woman explained on Imgur.

“Full on sweating and increased heart rate trying to figure out how the hell I was going to talk my way out of this one.”

Luckily, the MIL was distracted with the new grandchild and the woman was able to sneak away with the phone and delete the text message before the mother-in-law read it.

However, she accidentally deleted the whole message thread.

“Luckily she’s not very tech savvy and I was able to make up some BS about how my friends have been having the same issue and how it must be a glitch the phone software is having,” the woman explained.

To this day the mother-in-law still doesn’t know what she did.

“I truly do love my mother-in-law, but with having three indoor cats who often sprayed furniture and laundry baskets, she just smelled bad a lot.

“They have since given the cats to friends and family, so the smell is gone,” she explained. “But I will always be horrified by what might have happened if she’d read that text.”

At this stage, the cats have not released an official statement about their role in the whole debacle.

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