Selfies at serious places: the latest selfie craze.


Duck face. Peace and pout. The ‘I’m winking at myself  in the mirror because I’m a babe’ selfie.

Just when you think the selfie epidemic couldn’t become ANY worse (and yes, the term ‘selfie’ has officially been added to the online Oxford dictionary), there comes a new type.

The ‘I’m visiting a place of historical importance or tragedy’ selfie. Don’t believe us? There’s a whole tumblr dedicated to people taking photos of themselves at places of serious events.

From Grandma’s funeral to gas chambers in Auschwitz, it appears no place is selfie safe anymore. I mean, who doesn’t visit the 9/11 site, smile for the camera and hashtag it #hungover? Of course. 

9-11 Selfie

selfies at serious places

selfies at serious places


selfies at serious places

selfies at serious places

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What’s your take on this latest selfies at serious places craze? Disturbing, disrespectful or just cringeworthy? 

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