Welcome to peak narcissism. This is the selfie toaster.




Get ready to have a breakfast-induced existential crisis; the Selfie Toaster has arrived.

The bad news: There was no room for it on the planet without getting rid of something, so humans chose to give up their sense of shame.

The good news news: Now we can put our own faces on toast.

Developed by ‘Toasted in the USA‘, a novelty toaster company that actually exists, the Selfie Toaster works, well, like this:



You upload the photo you would like to the company’s website, and some ‘toast engineers’ do something fancy inside the toaster so that your image will be burned on your toast forever more. And all for just 75 totally worth it bucks:




And if you are what you eat, and you want to eat yourself, then that means you’re yourself, and then you eat yourself, because you are what you eat, and…. GASP. EXISTENTIAL TOAST INCEPTION.








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