The reasons you should indulge in a Magnum. Right. This. Second.

Thanks to our brand partner, Magnum

Ladies, we see you over there – working hard day in, day out, keeping everyone and everything together. From all the hard working mums who hold down the fort at home, to the corporate women owning the boardroom, and the students throwing themselves back into the books – you’re amazing, and you should reward yourselves with something special, something rare.


Self-indulgent, you-time. The you-time that involves bubble baths and overpriced candles and champagne and chocolate.

Mostly chocolate. All of the chocolate.

And no one does self-indulgence better than Magnum.

See? Photographic evidence. Images via Instagram @magnum/Magnum Official Facebook.

To take all you pleasure-seekers to the next level, they’ve teamed up with MKR judge, Chef Manu Feildel, to bring you our new favourite way to treat yo-self: the Magnum Chocolate Toffee.

In celebration of Magnum’s newest creation, we’ve put together a few reasons why you need to stop what you’re doing and hunt one down immediately.

Because its creator is a culinary genius.

Made by MKR judge and chef-extraordinaire Manu Feildel, this man knows his way around a kitchen. In my humble opinion, every mouthful is akin to making out with a Frenchman, who also wants to massage your feet and fetch you your cafe au lait in the morning.

“Made by MKR judge and chef-extraordinaire Manu Feildel, this man knows his way around a kitchen.” Images: supplied.

Because it’s a new, exciting flavour.

I’m always up for experimenting, so I didn’t even think twice about cheating on my regular Magnum with this brand-spankin’-new edition.

Because it’s pleasurable.

Scientists have found that eating chocolate gets the heart beating faster than kissing does – so really, this will set your heart aflutter more than that cute barista down the road.


Because it’s sexy.

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and has the dual effect of making you fall in love and stimulating sexual arousal. In fact, Aztec emperors were known to consume copious amounts of cocoa before romp sessions. Take a cocoa-leaf from their book and live like the queen that you are – nothing will leave you feeling flirtier.

Gif via NBC, 30 Rock.

Because it’ll make you happy.

Chocolate has been found to have anti-depressant properties, so it’s no wonder chocolate ice cream leaves you feeling delighted and satisfied. To cure 3pm-itis, kick back, relax, and ease your mind with this sweet treat. I’m willing to bet any negative emotions will melt away almost as fast as Richie Strahan melted our hearts. The result? Pure bliss.

For its chocolate ice cream.

Who said chocolate ice cream was boring? Magnum-chocolate is rich and velvety and simply never fails to melt in your mouth Every. Single. Time.

For its toffee swirl.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they’ve taken that perfect-chocolate and folded a golden swirl of toffee all the way through. It’s basically the nectar of the gods themselves.

For its crunchy toffee pieces.

If British sweet makers and Belgian chocolatiers had a culinary love child, this would be it. They’ve embedded pieces of actual toffee brittle into the chocolate coating, giving you more bite with every mouthful.

Because of the way the coating cracks when you bite it.

When you bite into its chocolate coating, it makes the most magical, satisfying noise in the world. It’s like the feeling you get when you break into the crust of a crème brûlée, snap a glow stick in half or step on a crunchy-curled-leaf. Heaven.


Because it’s premium quality is second-to-none.

Just try not to feel fancy AF eating one, I dare you.

Why you should eat ice cream
Image via CBS, The Nanny.

Because it’s exclusive.

These new Magnums are limited edition, so if you miss out on one you’ll be hit with a serious case of FOMO. Make sure you take preventative measures – the suffering just isn’t worth it.

Because it’s just plain delicious.

Did you really need any other reason?

When was the last time you treated yourself to a little self-indulgence?