Present ideas for everyone in the family - all under $100.

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I’ll never forget the Christmas that I was given a book on pregnancy yoga in my family’s Secret Santa – despite being neither a) pregnant nor b) into yoga.

I’ll never know if it was meant as a *hilarious* joke or not – but it’s safe to say that either way, when it comes to terrible Secret Santa gifts, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

If I’m honest though, I’ve been guilty of handing out my own dodgy Secret Santa presents over years, too. There was the bottle of champagne that ended up in the hands of a teetotaller. The generic box of “festive shortbread” that went straight to the pantry. And the obligatory lame bath salts that were all the rage in the ‘00s – but that no one actually used.

But not this year.

This year, I’m determined to nail it.

This year, I’m heading to BIG W for my Secret Santa present-buying. It’s a one-stop-shop, with an absolutely huge variety of present ideas (phew). And best of all? There are options for every budget – so you can save serious coin while still passing on some Christmas joy to your family.

Lucky for you, I’ve already scoped out some of BIG W’s wares to make this whole Secret Santa/Kris Kringle thing easier on you.

If you’ve left it to the last minute, here’s some last-minute gift inspo. You’re so welcome.

1. The gift you’ll want to steal for yourself.

When it comes to Secret Santa, every family and friendship group has a different way of doing it.


One of the most common methods though is the “Stealing Secret Santa”.

In this version, each participant brings a gift that would be appropriate for anyone in the group to receive. Everyone takes turns, and has the option of unwrapping a new gift from the pile, or stealing one that’s already been opened.

If you’re doing this version, it makes sense to come armed with something you’d want to steal yourself, such as BIG W’s Boe Beauty Gift Sets. It comes in two options – Boe Beauty for Tweens for $5, and Boe Professional for women for $10. Easy.

secret santa ideas
“It comes in two options – Boe Beauty for Tweens for $5, and Boe Professional for women for $10. Easy.” Image: Supplied.

2. The gift when you’re on a super tight budget.

Many families have a strict “under $10” rule. If that’s what’s happening at your place, you can’t go past something from BIG W’s Happy Jackson range.

It includes cute and cheeky pieces such as stationery and coasters in bright colours for just $10, so they are great for last minute stocking fillers and Kris Kringle gifts.

Because stationery is ALWAYS welcome.

secret santa ideas
Next stop, Stationary Village. Image: Supplied.

3. The joke (but actually awesome) gift.

My favourite Secret Santa version is the one where everyone intentionally buys “joke” presents.

If that’s the aim for your Secret Santa, check out BIG W’s Bunch-O-Balloons for $9 (with a saving of $5). Yes, it’s a gag gift – but on a sweltering hot Christmas Day, the recipient will probably appreciate an old-fashioned water balloon fight with their family.

Especially the kids – big and small.

secret santa ideas
The joke present that ends up winning the day. Image: Supplied.

4. The gift for that second-cousin you don’t really know.

Another, lesser-known version is Secret Casino Santa, where each person buys a gift for a specific amount, and also puts a specific amount of money into a pot.

When it’s your turn, you can choose to either a) pick a gift, b) choose the money or c) put your name in to win all the unwanted gifts by those who went for Option B.

If you’re doing this version with a large extended family where you don’t know everyone well, you probably want to go with a gift that most people would be happy to receive, like BIG W’s adult colouring books with 30 pencils for $15.

So go forth, and happy Secret Santa-ing. May your Christmas be merry and bright – and may there be no pregnancy yoga books in sight.

For more Christmas gift inspiration, visit BIG W.

Have you been part of a Secret Santa present swap?