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10 Secret Santa gift ideas that are under $10 and people will definitely like.

If you’re the occasional Christmas grinch, then I can bet Secret Santa isn’t your jam. Spending $10 on a gift for someone you only half-know at work can surely be better put towards your daily coffee fund? Surely?

Actually, surely not. Don’t be a grinch. We’re here to save you time, money and eventually your reputation as perpetual Christmas pessimist who isn’t very generous and inventive when it comes to Christmas gifts.

To be fair, when ~they~ say the best things in life are free, ~they’re~ usually lying. The best things in life usually cost more than $20. But apparently Secret Santa isn’t designed to give you the best things, just some random things. So working within the parameters we’ve been given, we have so kindly compiled ten Secret Santa ideas that positively don’t suck. We promise.

1. A nice mug, $9.99.

The truth is, at some point, everyone needs a mug. Especially one that isn’t going to be stolen at work. This is one that’s easy to claim, busy on the eye enough to wake you up in the morning and also? It’s cheap. You can find this one here. 

2. A flask, obviously. Just $10.

If you're not a fan of the design, there are four different kinds. And if you're still not a fan, consider the practicality of this kind of gift. That might just get you over the line. You can find this one here.

3. Headphones, $8.

Hear (ha) me out on this one. Everyone will still need wired headphones for a little while longer, or until the iPhone 7 well and truly has it's clutches on the majority of our bank accounts. So until then, headphones are almost the first things that get stolen by a family member, break or get lost. Give them a back up pair. You can find these ones here.

4. Yes, a beanie. $5.

Before you say it, I know it's summer. But my gut also tells me that at some point in aboooooout, say, six months, it won't be. And your cold little head will be wishing that your Secret Santa back in December bought you one of these. Two, even. You can find this one here.


5. Anklet socks! $3.

It could be just me, but these funky little socks either always go missing as soon as I put them in the wash or always go missing as soon as I put them in the wash. They're like a one hit wonder. Buy your friend some here.

6. A coffee voucher, $10.

Is your friend anything like this?

Then buy them a $10 voucher for their favourite coffee place. It will buy them approximately 2.5 coffees and cover an entire day's worth of their caffeine kick and that is surely a better surprise than another not-so-scented candle. Yes?

7. Neck pillows, because holidays. $7.

Surely the best time of year for a travel accessory. You can pick this one up AND some sockettes for $10 and find it here.

8. A ceramic pot? $9.95.

I put a question mark there, because I don't actually know if people like this stuff but it still looks bright and happy and surely relatively useful? Maybe I was just blinded by the colour. Still, it's under $10. Pluck some flowers from your neighbours front yard and voila! Find some different colours here.


9. A box full of fun, AKA Uno. $9.

A box full of fun would usually be priceless. But you can pick up your friend one for just $9 in the form of Uno. You're welcome. Find your fun here.

10. Toiletries, $6.

Because nothing says last resort like a pack of traveller-sized toiletries. Still, they're a cliche because they're helpful. So be helpful. You can find these ones here.