Police have removed crime scene tape from this property in their search for William Tyrell.


Police have confirmed that tradesman William Harrie Spedding is not a suspect in the case of the missing three-year-old William Tyrell, Guardian Australia reports.

Police have concluded their two days spent combing through the 63-year-old NSW man’s home in the search for clues in the Tyrell case and have since removed crime scene tape surrounding the home.

Spedding has now returned to the property.

There has been an outpouring of support from friends and family of Spedding in publicity surrounding the case.

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Crime scene tape has been removed from the home of a tradesman, William Harrie Spedding, as police conclude their search at the property.

Spedding was recently questioned over the disappearance of toddler William Tyrell.

The search, conducted on Wednesday, included the excavation of some land and the draining of the Bonny Hills property’s septic tank. No charges have been laid.

William Tyrell.

Mr Spedding’s daughter-in-law Amy Spedding has spoken on behalf of the family in full support of his innocence. In an interview with Fairfax Media, Mrs Spedding said: “We fully support him. We know that he has had nothing to do with this”.

“We have spoken to him. Obviously he is very upset, his wife is devastated. Basically we spoke to him and said ‘We love and have your back and we support you 100 per cent’,” she added.

Ms Spedding said she’s known the 63-year-old for 17 years, and asked the Australian public not to jump to conclusions.

Mrs Spedding added that while she understood police are required to follow up lines of inquiry, she believed the property search to be “extreme”.

At this stage, police have only described Mr Spedding as a person of interest, who continues to cooperate with police.

Previously, Mamamia wrote:

A washing machine repairman has become the focus of the investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrell, Fairfax Media reports.

The 63-year-old man has been questioned by police, after it was discovered he had been at the home of William’s grandmother just four days before Tyrell vanished.

The man allegedly gave a quote to fix a washing machine at the Kendall home where the little boy was last seen on 12 September.

He and his wife live with a number of children in their Bonny Hills NSW home as well as owning a pawnbrokers in nearby Lauriton.

Both properties have now been raided and Nine News is reporting that Police have discovered a maze-like structure underground at the house after digging up the backyard.

No charges have been laid, but police have seized several items from the two properties including a mattress, computer equipment, mobile phones and three cars.


Previously, Mamamia wrote:

An excavator has been brought in to dig at a house in the search for missing three-year-old William Tyrell, and police are draining a septic tank at the same residence.

Investigators are swarming over the property in NSW’s Bonny Hills, the Daily Mail reports.

search for William Tyrell
William Tyrell. (Photo: NSW Police.)

That home is about 20km from Kendall, where William vanished more than four months ago.

The Bonny Hills property is one of two properties on the NSW mid-north coast that  have been searched by police as part of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance. Yesterday, detectives also seized computers and a mattress in relation to the investigation from a pawn-broking business in the nearby town of Laurieton, 9 News reports.

Both properties are believed to be owned by an elderly couple, according to 9 News.

Somebody knows where this little boy is.

A police spokesman said yesterday they were “speaking with a number of people as the search for William Tyrell continues,” but no further details are available at this time.”

Missing 3-year-old William Tyrell.

William Tyrell went missing on September 12 while playing in his Grandmother’s backyard on a Kendall estate.

He was wearing his favourite Spider-Man costume at the time.

Police have previously searched 21 surrounding properties and nearby bushland and waterways, but have not been able to locate the little boy and have made no arrests.

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