Married At First Sight 'hero' Sean responds to the boys night backlash.

It would be the boys night to end them all — and it drew a line in the sand between the boys and the men.

As you’re surely aware by now, the husbands of Married at First Sight came together for a night that cast quite a light on male ‘locker room banter’, after contestant Andrew spoke with great disdain about his marriage to Cheryl.

Of note was when he mocked all parts of her personality and groped two air boobs after being asked what he looks at when Cheryl is speaking. (Her breasts. He meant he prefers to look at her breasts.)

For those who missed it, Andrew also took aim at how his wife spoke and poked fun at her driving skills. “You talk about the affection being too much… the conversation seems too much for Cheryl,” Andrew said to his fellow grooms.

But in all the objectification and grossly lewd conversations, there were two saving graces of the ordeal: Sean and Simon.

Simon and Sean. Image: Channel 9.

The two refused to engage in the blokey banter, with Simon later telling the producers, "Cheryl didn't deserve to be spoken of in such a manner". Sean, meanwhile, said he"thought it was pretty f****** s***".

When it came to 'cheers-ing' beers, the duo refused, each later labelling the whole incident "disappointing".

Now, speaking about the incident for the first time, Sean told he "didn't realise it would be this big".

However, he denies the "hero" tag so many have bestowed upon him, saying his response was natural and one born from a strident belief in everyone deserving respect.

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“It’s not about being a hero — it’s about sticking up for what you believe is right. I feel really proud for standing up for what I believed in and voicing what was right and what had happened," he told the website.

In reference to the dinner party that followed the boys night, where Andrew's comments were debated by all contestants, Sean told he wouldn't normally choose to be involved in the drama.

It’s not usually a situation I would stick around in — I’d remove myself,” Sean explained.

“But after the comments being made, I felt I had to have her [Cheryl’s] back with Simon as no one was giving her a chance.”

Cheryl and Andrew. Image: Channel 9.

Cheryl told The Fix that she only truly understood the extent of Andrew's comments when watching them back with the rest of the country, labelling his tirade "disgusting".

"I don't want to be with someone who goes and talks about me behind their back in a degrading way," she told the website.

"I'm all for a little banter here and there, but to constantly bring up your partner in a degrading way? I thought it was disgusting.

"I would never go to a dinner party and be around other people and bag up my partner. That's just embarrassing. Not just for them, but for me also."

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