She tried to get the perfect ice cream photo. Instead she captured something very alarming.

March 26 was a beautifully sunny day in Santa Barbra, California. 20-year-old UCLA student Kris was strolling the boardwalk, loving life and tucking into a delicious scoop of chocolate ice cream.

“Life cannot get any better than this,” she (probably) thought.

“I’m going to snap a picture of this perfect moment so I never forget how lucky and free and beautiful and happy I feel in this very moment.”

EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. Image via Instagram.

Little did she know that her life was about to forever change.

Her perfect day was about to be ruined... by a seagull.

As Twitter user @youngweonhi took a photo of her delicious ice cream, a savage seagull slides into frame, attacking all that is beautiful and sacred in this world her treat.

"RIP MY ICE CREAM," she wrote on Twitter.

RIP all of our hearts, honestly.

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Image via Instagram.

Anyone who has ever fallen victim to the savagery that is a starving seagull will know it is one of the most terrifying, and upsetting, experiences in the world.

The only thing worse than having a bird steal your ice cream is dropping it on the floor. Even then, you really only have yourself to blame.

Traumatising. Image via iStock.

Thankfully, 20-year-old Kris has used the horrific experience to her advantage and has turned the traumatic event into internet notoriety.

Her tweet has been retweeted over 24,000 times, probably by many who have also survived a swooping by a sea bird.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Except when you're attacked by a seagull, in which case we highly recommend just doing this: