The second season of the Stan Original Series Scrublands will tackle a new murder mystery.

It's official: we're heading to Western Australia for the second season of the Stan Original Series Scrublands.

This year it was announced that Stan's hit original series Scrublands would be getting the season two treatment, much to the delight of fans who devoured the first installment.

In the first season we were invited into a small town in Victoria where a chilling crime had taken place. At the centre of the story was a journalist called Martin Scarsden (Luke Arnold) who embarked on a journey to an infamous crime scene only to uncover a story much bigger than he ever anticipated.

It's safe to say viewers were on the edges of their seats in season one of Scrublands so they'll be chomping at the bit to see where Scarsden goes in season two.

What is Scrublands season two about?

Titled Scrublands: Silver this season will be based on writer Chris Hammer's follow-up novel Silver which was released as a sequel to Scrublands.

According to show information released by Stan we can start to piece together how producers and showrunners will bring to life the story from the page and it sounds like things are going to get even more complicated for Scarsden.

"In the brand new season, it’s been a year since the life-changing events of Scrublands, and award-winning investigative journalist Martin Scarsden (Arnold) has returned to his coastal hometown, Port Silver, WA, to set up a new life with partner Mandy Bond (Bella Healthcote)," read a statement from Stan. 

"When he arrives to find his childhood friend Jasper brutally murdered and Mandy the prime suspect, Martin struggles with doubts – about Mandy and about his own ability to recognise the truth. As he pushes forward to find the real murderer and absolve Mandy, Martin confronts secrets about Port Silver and his long-buried past."


In short, the twists and turns are going to keep on coming this season.

Who has been cast in Scrublands season two?

The two leads from season one are reprising their roles for Scrublands: Silver which means both Luke Arnold and Bella Heathcote are back.

Luke Arnold, Bella Heathcote and director Ben Young. Image: Stan.


Joining them in the ensemble cast will be Luke Carroll (The Artful Dodger), Tasma Walton (The Twelve), Luke Pegler (Hacksaw Ridge) and Sarah Roberts (Home and Away). 

Over on the production side Scrublands: Silver will be directed by Ben Young, written by Felicity Packard, and produced by Martha Coleman with Ian Collie, Rob Gibson and Felicity Packard.

Where is Scrublands season two being filmed?

In season one of Scrublands producers borrowed from the dramatic backdrop of country Victoria to set the scene for the chilling tale. However, in season two showrunners are making the most of Australia's vast canopy of incredible filming locations and have headed to Western Australia. 


Production has officially kicked off in Augusta, Western Australia which will become the town of Port Silver in the Scrublands dimension. 

"Set in the stark coastal beauty of Western Australia, Scrublands: Silver will wow audiences with a gripping crime mystery in a unique environment," said 9Network Head of Drama Andy Ryan in a statement.

What have the cast said about Scrublands?

Actress Bella Heathcote shared her excitement about the new season getting underway via her Instagram account. 

"Feels so good to be reunited with the Scrublands + Stan clan and this season’s man with a plan @benjyoung for Scrublands: Silver," she said alongside a picture with her cast mate and director.

When Mamamia caught up with Luke Arnold on set for season one of Scrublands he opened up about how enjoyable it was telling a story that has so many twists and turns.

Bella Heathcote as Mandy Bond in Scrublands. Image: Stan.


"It's really fun being the centre of a mystery," he told Mamamia. "You're responsible for helping the audience through the twists and turns of it all. And that's something I love from a writer's point of view too."

We can't wait to see where they take this in season two.

When can we watch Scrublands season two?

With production having only just kicked off on Scrublands: Silver we'll have to hold our horses for a little bit longer to get a firm release date. But to tide us over until then we can head back to the beginning and binge season one of Scrublands now streaming in full on Stan.

Feature Image: Stan.

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