New arrivals to be forcibly quarantined: What we learned from Scott Morrison's latest press conference.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the nation after attending a virtual G20 meeting on Thursday night.

He began by thanking Australians for the “very significant changes that we’ve been asking you to make to your lives and to your livelihoods”.

“We always knew Australians are up to this test.”

He spoke further about the health and economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic which has so far killed 13 Australians.

He also announced restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19.

Here are the key takeaways:

Tighter restrictions for people entering Australia.

Along with signing a self-isolation declaration card, states and territories will quarantine new international arrivals in hotels for two weeks before they are allowed to return home.

Residents will be mandatorily quarantined in the state or territory in which they arrive in. State and territory governments will be running these measures with support from the federal government.

Morrison added that the Australian Defence Force will be supporting states and territories with compliance checks of the new measures.

Australian small businesses to “hibernate”.

Although Morrison wants to maintain “as much of an economy as we can” through the coronavirus crisis, he said there was a plan to “hibernate” Australian businesses, adding that he will be speaking more about this response in a later press conference.

“We want those businesses to start again,” he told media.

“Part of that plan we will be announcing will be to seek to hibernate Australian businesses.”


While still unclear, this could include plans to help small businesses with rent assistance, so they can restart their businesses and potentially keep their employees once measures are lifted.

States and territories to liaise about schools.

When asked about schools, the PM said we have now entered a “transition phase” with schools.

States and territories will be making their own arrangement with individual schools as to how they will be operating from now to the end of term.

This includes whether or not the schools will close.

Morrison added that there will be a statement coming from the national cabinet about what will happen with schools.

“At the end of the day it needs to be sorted out in each state and territory,” he said.

The children of vulnerable families or those whose parents are essential workers will continue to have the option to remain at school.

“If they are in a position where they cannot provide the suitable arrangements for their children to learn at home, then I’m assured that no child will be turned away under those circumstances.”

Government will continue to repatriate stranded Australians.

DFAT will continue to repatriate stranded Australians who are unable to return home due to travel bans.

Morrison stressed that citizens who chose to travel after DFAT cautioned against international travel will not be “high on the list of people we need to go and support”.

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