The key to great sex lies in your kitchen, apparently.

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Thought the holy grail to a great sex life was all about what you did in the bedroom? According to new research, it has more to do with your kitchen antics. No, we’re not talking spontaneous trysts on the kitchen tiles.

A new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology has found couples who share household chores have more frequent and satisfying sex. Yes, cleaning is now a legitimate form of foreplay.

The study looked into associations between male partner contributions to housework and couple sexual satisfaction and frequency, following over 1200 couples for a period of five years.

Researchers from the University of Alberta found that even if men did the largest amount of housework that didn’t necessarily equate to more sex – it was all about how equally responsibilities were distributed between partners.

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The results showed that both men and women who perceived they were doing an equal amount of housework in the relationship reported having more satisfying sex.

The findings directly contradict the results of a 2012 study by researchers at the University of Washington who claimed that couples’ sex lives were negatively impacted when they shared the chores and men did “traditional women’s tasks” like the dishes, cooking and laundry.

“If we feel respected by our partners… then that sets the stage for the possibility of a sexual encounter to unfold later,” the current study’s lead researcher, Dr Matt Johnson told CBC News. (Post continues after gallery.)

The perception of what is fair requires the individual to compare what their partner does to their friends and societal norms.

“This active weighing process may be more influential for behaviour than just who does what in a partnership. If one partner is not doing his or her fair share around the house, then what happens? Either the other partner has to pick up the slack, which is more likely to be a female partner… or the housework just doesn’t get done,” Dr Johnson said.

“Either of those scenarios is likely to lead to anger and bitterness on the part of the person who feels slighted. Doing your fair share is so powerful because it helps insulate us from these negative feelings.”

Lesson learned? Foreplay starts at the kitchen sink.

Do you and your partner share chores equally? Do you find it sexy?

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