Yes, you need to try this $22 hair dye. We asked 9 women for their honest review.

Schwarzkopf Brilliance
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A good hair day honestly means a great day. 

But with the growing cost of living (sorry for bringing it up), our hair doesn't always make the cut. 

See, we've all been guilty of stretching time between haircuts, enduring split ends and overgrown roots, as our boujee pampering sessions become a cost that we just can’t afford (at least not until the next payday). 

When it comes to dealing with the complex realities of our hair, there are those of us in 'committed relationships', the 'not so loyal', and finally, those who change their hair with every breakup (it's complicated…). 

But despite our hair status, there is no ignoring when our hair goes off-kilter. So, when there are beauty dupes, shortcuts, or haircare tips that save money, time and effort – we feel the need to share it with the group. 

DIY hair colour is the beauty industry's best shortcut and for good reason – it's unbelievably cost-effective and now, easier than ever to use and slots right into your routine.

Schwarzkopf Brilliance has high quality, but gloriously savey, at-home products that do all the heavy lifting to deliver long-lasting colour and brilliant shine. What more could you want? 

The range offers 27 permanent hair colour formulas, from brunette to their signature red and purple shades. All products deliver up to 10 weeks of colour intensity and come with a Diamond Gloss Sealer post-colour treatment, infused with keratin and apricot kernel oil for stronger, healthy-looking hair. It locks in the colour pigment and helps the colour stay vibrant for longer. 

And if we're girl mathing this one ($22!!!!), it’s basically... well, free.


Now to test the performance. Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel have put the Schwarzkopf Brilliance range to the test, to discern JUST how effective the results are, given the gorgeous price tag. 

Because if we're going to break up with our hairdressers, it better be justified.

Here’s a peek at the results: 90 per cent of panellists liked the overall look and feel of their hair and would be recommending it to family and friends, and 70 per cent said they would purchase it again!

Here are some of their honest thoughts. 

Grace, Dark Brown Allure

Image: Supplied. 


“I recently tried Schwarzkopf Brilliance 88 Dark Brown Allure, and I have to say, I was really happy with the results. It gave me the dark brown colour I wanted and made my hair feel super soft and shiny. What surprised me the most was that even after two days, my hair still looked shiny and nice, just like when I first dyed it. The dye made my hair look really great, and I really like it a lot! It has quickly become my favourite go-to choice for achieving gorgeous results.”

Leah, Truffle Brown

Image: Supplied. 

“The product came with clear, easy to understand instructions. I'm not great at colouring my own hair but this was simple enough for my 10-year-old to help colour my hair with me. While the result wasn't dramatic, the overall look achieved was good. My hair feels extremely healthy and looks super shiny.”


Leanne, Bittersweet Chocolate

“I had a really positive experience. It was easy to use, smelled pleasant, and left a nice shine. The description matched the colour result and the instructions were easy to follow. Overall, I would buy again – a premium product!”

Annie, Bittersweet Chocolate

Image: Supplied. 

“The product gave my hair a good colour and offered easy to follow instructions.” 


Georgette, Luminance Cinnamon Brown 

“The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The product was very easy to wash out of my hair and I really liked the post colour treatment that was also provided in the box. I was happy to see that it covered all my greys.” 

Monica, Dark Brown Allure

Image: Supplied. 

“Easy to use and a nice vibrant colour that added shine to my natural hair colour. I'll be recommending it to my friends and family!”

Jess, Luminance Cinnamon Brown 

“I found this hair dye easy to use and the instructions easy to follow. The colour turned out well. A nice at-home hair dye kit!”


Ellen, Luminance Ultra Violet

Image: Supplied. 

“Great! It was easy to apply and actually changed my hair colour. I have quite dark hair and all other at-home products I've tried in the past have barely shown in my hair.”

Nicole, Bittersweet Chocolate

“My experience was positive. I use dye to cover grey hair. I like to keep my hair natural looking and don't want the colour to change too much and I feel this product did that.”

Shop Schwarzkopf Brilliance range online or find your nearest stockist.

Feature Image: Supplied/TikTok/@thatfalzonfamily/@duenyamm

Schwarzkopf Brilliance
Update your style at home and take your hair colour to new heights with Schwarzkopf Brilliance!
It's a range of 27 bold, brilliantly vibrant high-performance permanent hair colour formulas, with up to 10 weeks colour intensity. It comes with the Diamond Gloss Sealer post-colour treatment which contains Keratin and Apricot Kernel Oil for healthy-looking, stronger hair. It locks in the colour pigment and helps your colour stay more vibrant for longer. Schwarzkopf Brilliance is available in supermarkets and pharmacies.
Take on the world with Schwarzkopf Brilliance bold & brilliant colours today!