Is a smile from your child worth this much effort?

Wow. That’s some excellent work on the lunchbox front, Dad.

Getting your child’s school lunch to look appealing enough to eat, let alone like a work of art, is a challenge. But there are always some parents who go above and beyond, and Beau Coffron is one of them.

This crafty father of three from San Francisco uses fruit, bread and other snack foods to create edible versions of popular movie characters for his daughter Abby to enjoy at school (and then eat).

Beau has filled Abby's lunchbox with everyone from Frozen's Elsa and Olaf to My Little Pony to Nemo, and he shares photos and tutorials of each one on his website Lunchbox Dad. 

"I thought it would be a great way to show my daughter that I love her and miss her while she was in school," Beau told the Huffington Post. Aww.

Even if you don't have the patience or creativity to recreate them yourself (hey, there's nothing wrong with a plain ol' Vegemite sambo), Beau's lunchbox designs are certainly fun to look at. Here are some of our favourites:

 Do you go a lot of effort to make your kids love their lunchbox?