"I'm in Queensland." Stop, because Schapelle Corby just shared a video of her new pop song.

Look, we’ll keep this short because we’re all very busy with #newyearnewme stuff.

But Schapelle Corby has released a pop song.

Yes, THE Schapelle Corby. And also yes, a song. With lyrics, and a backing track.

It’s called ‘Palm Trees’, and it was reposted on 40-year-old Corby’s Instagram on New Years Day after the song’s producer and co-artist, Nat. Z dropped the track, as the kids say.

“So it’s taken me a little while to upload it but this is mine and @schapelle.corby’s song Palm Tree’s. I wrote this in Cairns for a bit of a laugh and then took it into the studio to produce it and lay down our vocals. So much fun,” Nat. Z captioned the audio.

Take a listen below…


The song appears to be an ode to Corby’s home state of Queensland, where she’s been living since her release from Kerobokan jail in Bali.

“I’m in Queensland and it is sunny, I have the palm trees behind me,” she can be heard singing in the Instagram clip overlaid with photos of her in… Queensland.

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The song also features vocals from Nat. Z, who adds, “She’s back here to stay, in the sunshine state. Schapelle is her name and she’s got something to say. She’s in Queensland where it’s sunny.”

While it remains uncertain whether Corby will pursue a musical career, one thing is abundantly clear.

It is, indeed, sunny in Queensland.

Happy New Year folks.