Schapelle Corby shares a picture from her hospital bed after suffering a major injury.

Less than two months on from returning to Australia, convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is in hospital after seriously injuring herself.

“Hi guys. This is why you haven’t seen me in a while…..” the 39-year-old said in an Instagram caption posted on Thursday.


Alongside the caption were the hashtags #sickbay #brokenleg #brokenankle and #brokenknee.

In the image, Corby can be seen resting in a hospital bed with much of her leg and knee being iced.

As to exactly when or how she injured herself, we still don’t know.

Corby returned to Australia in late May after 12 years in Bali – nine of which were spent in Kerokoban prison – where the former beautician was serving her jail sentence for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Bali.

Despite being found guilty and convicted in 2005, Corby has always maintained her innocence.

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In the days leading up to Corby’s return to her family home in Queensland, she created an Instagram account to document her journey back and share information on causes close to her heart.

Since creating her account, Corby has amassed 197,000 followers.