How Schapelle Corby spent her first Christmas in Australia in 14 years.

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has spent her first Christmas at home in Australia in 14 years.

In May 2005, the now 40-year-old was handed down a 15-year prison sentence in Bali, after attempting to smuggle 4.3kg of marijuana into Indonesia.

For nine years, and nine lonely Christmases, she was behind bars in Kerobokan Prison in Bali. She was released on parole in January 2014, under the condition she would not leave Indonesia until her parole ended.

Finally, in May this year, she returned home to the Gold Coast to her sisters and family.


After years of of mental illness and the most basic prison facilities, this year Corby has been free to enjoy the festivities with the people she loves.

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She must have wished for this moment. The simplicity of her bare feet in the backyard grass. Her sisters, Mercedes and Melanae, by her side. And her mother Rosleigh Rose there with a Santa hat on, too.

???????????? #2017❤️ ????

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Posting pictures to Instagram, Corby thanked the people who’ve “supported her” over the years. She also said sometimes she “laughs too hard”.

Her sister, Mercedes, also posted to social media a photograph of the family and a video of the three sisters enjoying oysters they’d sneakily opened without their mother knowing.

“At least I won’t get the blame on my own now,” her caption reads.

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A post shared by Mercedes Corby (@mercedescorby) on


Corby’s arrest, trial, and countless appeals attracted huge media attention.

Now, for the first time, she’s in control of the message the public receives and, thankfully, she’s happy to share her Christmas with us.

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