TRIED AND TESTED: 6 simple, lush-smelling scents for every room in your house.

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Some of us spend years defining our signature scent; the one we wear to work every day or splash on liberally for evenings out. Our perfume becomes ingrained in our very essence, immediately familiar to friends and loved ones.

But when it comes to our homes, for whatever reason, scent can often be an afterthought. For many of us, a fragranced bin bag is about as fancy as we get.

Why is that, when we spend so much more time – proportionately speaking – on the couch in the living room or resting in our bedrooms, than we do at fancy dinners?

Fragrance has the ability to change your mood or the feel of a space completely. It can uplift you; put you in the headspace you want to be in. That’s potent stuff – and it shouldn’t be reserved for boutique hotels. There’s something to be said for giving your house the same treatment.

So I’ve granted myself full permission to research all the beautifully scented soaps and creamy candles and evocative mists on the market. Because it’s 2020, and it’s self care baby.

Here are my findings.

The bedroom.

For optimal sleep, your bedroom should be free of too many distractions. Imagine it like your personal oasis of rest – a place to really recharge. One way I like to promote a deeper dose of shut-eye is with a sleep mist just before bed. Look for one infused with lavender essential oil, which is known to be as calming as a cup of chamomile tea.

Try: Endota Spa Calming Sleep Mist, $23.00 for 120ml. (It’s part of Endota Spa’s Nurture range, which is suitable for babies, kids and adults too.)

Image: Endota Spa.
Image: Endota Spa.

Verdict: I literally cannot get enough of my bed, and I mean more than usual.

The living room.

I am obsessive about candles. If I could burn 12 at once I would. But it's always best to stick to one, and for the living area - typically a bigger space than other rooms -  you can afford to make it a headier scent, as the room can take it. This is where I suggest spending a bit more to get a good quality fragrance you love coming home to. On the steeper end of the price range, luxe brands like Tocca and Jo Malone are my go-tos - they have major pay-off in burn-time.

Try: Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Candle, $92 for 200g, at Mecca.com.au.

Image: Jo Malone.
Image: Jo Malone.

Verdict: This deeply fragranced, ambient scent has been a mainstay in my house for years. Bougie is French for candle, and that's exactly how this smells.

If you're looking to make an investment in a premium candle, a good tip I learnt is to tap your finger over the wax and apply it to your wrist to test the scent first. If you like it on your skin, you'll probably love it in your living room.

The bathroom.

Your bathroom may not look like a day spa, but there are simple ways you can channel a sense of opulence into the space - like with a luxurious hand wash. Palmolive's Magnolia and Argan Oil Foaming Handwash is a recent addition to my bathroom. Infused with 100 per cent pure Argan oil from Morocco, the luxuriously rich foaming handwash is a daily treat for my hands.


Complement that with a nourishing body wash that leaves you feeling amazing when you exit the shower, and your bathroom smelling gorgeous in the misty afterglow. Wrap a towel around your head for added spa vibes.

Try: Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey with moisturising milk (with no parabens, phthalates, alcohol, soap, gluten, BPA and silicones). RRP $5.99 for 500mL.

Image: Supplied/Tamara Davis
Image: Supplied/Tamara Davis

Verdict: The bathroom has never smelt better - there's a sweet lingering scent of honey in the air - and bonus, my fiancé's skin feels soft and smooth.

The study or home office.

In your home office or study space, you want a fresh, zingy fragrance to keep you alert - but nothing overpowering. I love Aesop's room sprays - yes, they're a bit more on the expensive side, but one spray goes a long way; the scent lingers for hours. Perfect if you're working from home, or just doing some quiet late night browsing.

Try: Aesop Olous Aromatique Room Spray, $63.00 for 100ml.

Image: Aesop.
Image: Aesop.

Verdict: It's no surprise this spicy scent is a favourite among boutique hotels; the citrusy blend with a hint of cardamom has a sophisticated, unisex appeal. Not to mention how good it looks on the shelf.

The kitchen.

The best fragrance hack I've discovered for your kitchen is to find a candle that smells like roasted coffee. It's a total mood-booster in the mornings, when you're planning your day over breakfast. And it helps zap any nasty scents lingering from last night's meal (a whiff of coffee beans is said to be a palate cleanser for the nose.)

Try: Hutwoods Fresh Coffee Candle, $27.95 for 125g.

Image: Instagram/Hutwoods/Emma Duckworth

Verdict: I'm genuinely excited to get up in the mornings and burn the candle while I...brew my first coffee (I'm a journalist, I like coffee). This one has a lovely gentle crackle as it burns, so it's perfect for relaxed evenings too.

The laundry.

It's not the most fun room of the house, granted. You're there to do one job, and get it over quickly. But that doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of glamour to an otherwise very bland room with a lush diffuser. You'll want to go for a scent that won't compete with your freshly washed laundry - think light, clean fragrances. Another hot tip; don't leave it on top of the dryer or it'll end up on the floor.

Try: Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Sea Mist Diffuser, $44.95 for 250ml.

Image: Glasshouse.

Verdict: With notes of zesty freesia and lime, this makes me feel like I'm in Positano when I'm doing the washing. Sort of.

What are your favourite scents for the home? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Instagram/Endota; Tamara Davis; Instagram/Huntwoods

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