"I was told when I would die." Women share the most unsettling thing a psychic's told them.

I was at brunch with a girlfriend last weekend when she revealed her mother had recently been divorced for the third time.

Apparently, her mum knew it was coming. But the signs weren’t in her relationship – they were written in the stars.

“She saw a psychic when she was in her twenties who told her she’d never find real love,” my friend divulged. “The psychic also said she’d die alone.”

She then explained with sadness that it’s become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy – her mother has long been subscribed to the idea that she is not destined for a fulfilling, lifelong relationship.

John Edward is the psychic medium who didn’t believe in psychics. Hear his chat with Mia Freedman below. Post continues after podcast.

When you book in to see a psychic, tarot, tea leaf or palm reader, you’re usually hoping for good news – or at least a bit of positive reinforcement. I don’t know anyone that goes in to those incense-heavy, curtain-bedecked spaces wanting to be dished out some soul-destroying spiritual intel.

But if psychics are merely messengers, must we blithely accept what they pass on from their sources and shuffle out feeling shitty about our so-called future?

According to my colleague Millie, a frequenter of psychics, no. You can actually ask to filter out any negative vibes. She learnt to do this after her own not-so-ideal reading, she shares.

“I was told when I was going to die, and it has never ever left my brain. I’ve carried it with me ever since. She also confirmed the number I’ve always had in my brain myself. It’s almost like I know my time is limited and how long I have left without actually being sick or ill.

“I now warn everyone who sees a psychic to say ‘Don’t tell me anything bad please’ prior to the session – if they’re not prepared to hear bad things, that is.”

So there you have it. You can order your reading with a side of… upside.

We chatted to 15 other women, who might not have known of that option, about the startling things they’ve had divined – and how they processed their spiritual bombshells.


“I went to a psychic that my friend recommended when I was pregnant early with my son. The whole reading was a disaster, she knew nothing about me or couldn’t pick up on anything. She said I would meet someone and maybe get engaged (I had already been with my boyfriend for three years). So I decided to tell her I was pregnant and had a partner already, as I still had 20 minutes to go and she was boring me. She then said to me, ‘It’s not too late to have an abortion, I see you doing more with your life and career then just being a mum…’ I said I’m keeping my child and I’m happy I’m pregnant. But I have a strong mind and know what I want – imagine if that was said to a person with doubt…”


“I saw a psychic in New York who told me not to meet the man I was meeting, he had bad intentions. I was on Tinder while I was overseas and I legitimately cancelled a date because of it. I wasn’t about to go taking chances with a stranger in a different country!”


“I was going to find love at 17 and if that didn’t work out, I would not find love again until I was 50. So distressing, and untrue… I would never tell that to anyone, ever!” 



“I was told I would lose all my money but be happier because of it. At the time I was in the process of buying my first home with my now husband. So I figure losing my money meant I was gaining a home… rather than something more sinister.”


“When I was 16 I went on a school trip to New Orleans (psychic central) and a lady told me that I was going to have two miscarriages.” 


“I had a psychic tell me that a girlfriend my dad used to have before my mum had put a love curse on me. Specifically. And I would not find love unless I bought $500 worth of these candles she sold.”


“‘You will die of unnatural causes.” That was a brilliant thing to hear!”


“I was told years ago when my boyfriend at the time was super ill and needed a heart transplant, that he would get it and be well (which is a bold statement in itself). Yet we would break up before he got it as he’d mentally mess me around. He would eventually come back to me and I would no longer want him…. so devastating to hear at the time but all true.”


“When I was 20 a psychic told me that when I think about pregnancy my first thoughts are abortion. She said when you fall pregnant, keep it – the timing will be right. At that stage those were my exact thoughts on pregnancy. I’m now 26 and have never been pregnant but I know when it happens it will be okay and perfectly timed.”


One time a psychic asked to see a photo of my family, and he zoomed in on my mum, and told me to tell her to get her left eye checked. She did, and the optometrists said her eyes were fine, and we all moved on with our lives.”


“I have been told my many psychics that I would never get married and my hand doesn’t have a ‘relationship line.’ I have been with my husband for 10 years.  I think initially I found it a bit upsetting. It’s now just funny.” 


“I went to a psychic who had a six month waiting list. She told me my career would be the great passion of my life and I would have to sacrifice love for that passion. I refuse to believe it’s true, but it definitely irked me. And I’m single.”


“A psychic told me the battery was about to go flat on my car and that I was pregnant… that was 3 years ago, neither have happened yet. But how far into the future is this woman seeing?!


She told me, “You’re worrying about the wrong child. The one you worry about most is going to be fine.” I’m a Mum of triplets. This shit advice has haunted me ever since.  I have one that I do worry about more than the others, and since then I always wonder which one I’m supposed to be most worried about.”


“Twenty years ago I was told I would meet my true love/soul mate on a mountain in Nepal… I still haven’t traveled to Nepal so hope he’s patient!”

What’s the weirdest thing a psychic’s told you? Let us know in the comments!

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