Married At First Sight's Scarlett on how she really felt about the stripper confession.

Scarlett has said she was “hurt” and “shocked” when her new husband Michael told her he moonlights as a male stripper on last night’s on episode of Married at First Sight. 

Michael had been worried about the conversation ever since he first saw his bride Scarlett on their wedding day. He chose day two of their honeymoon in the Northern Territory’s Kakadu national park to “let her know”.

There was a lot of stumbling: “You know I work full time for a mining company, but I actually have a second job as well.”

There were a few false starts: “I wanted to tell you at the wedding but all our emotions were going everywhere. Then we were both not in the right head space yesterday. I also wanted to tell you this morning first thing but we had plans to go out straight away…”

A deep breath… A second deep breath.

“I’m actually a male stripper on the weekends as well.”

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Scarlett didn’t say much on the show (except for letting him know she “wouldn’t be seen dead in a strip club”). But she has since opened up to TheFIX.

“When he told me, I think I was just in shock,” she said. “I started to doubt a lot of the relationship wondering if he was in it for the right reasons, wondering if he was just doing the show to get more exposure. And I felt a little hurt, obviously.”

She wasn’t so much bothered by the fact of stripping, as she’s dated strippers in the past. It’s more about what the job will mean for the couple’s life together. She was also upset at how long it took Michael to be honest about it.

“I have gone on dates with strippers before, and it comes back to the same thing: They’re usually not looking for anything serious,” she tells us. “If you’re interested in marriage or kids, I felt like you’d probably be looking at building a home and a future, not just going out every night partying and stripping and what not.”

Married at Fist Sight couple Michael and Scarlett on their honeymoon... AFTER Michael told her about his stripping. Image via Channel 9.

"Michael kept saying to me the whole time, 'I've been nothing but open and honest. I tell you everything and I expect the same,'" Scarlett said. "I thought we had told each other everything at that point, and then when he told me this big secret, I was like, 'Everything? Really?! How did you forget this thing?' Like, by the way, I'm just a stripper.'"

Michael has explained he has a very structured, professional, busy schedule. But that, also, is cause for concern.

"He's very regimented. He gets up and goes to the gym, and then he goes to bed at like 9pm," Scarlett told TheFIX. "I felt like, 'Oh wow, lucky me. I get Sunday mornings.'"

"He'd love to have a girl sitting at home, waiting for him to cuddle and kiss," she said. "But I think I had to explain to Michael that that's not a relationship."

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