Four things your beauty therapist is really thinking while giving you a spray tan.

I’ve been a beauty therapist for eight years. You could say I’ve seen it all when it comes to womens’ bodies. So I was really surprised to find out that some of my most confident friends were worried about getting naked in front of their tanning expert.

The fear of stripping down to next-to-nothing to have a beauty therapist – someone like me – spray them with fake tan, had even stopped some of my mates from booking an appointment. This makes me sad, and so I’ve come up with a list of the things your tanning expert is really thinking when she’s applying your bronzed glow.

1. We’ve seen it all before.

Trust me, we truly have seen it all before and nothing will scare/surprise us/shock us. Plus, to be honest, we don’t care, we actually probably haven’t even noticed your boobs, your tummy, or whatever is is you’re self-conscious about.

How To Apply Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion. Post continues after video…

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2. We’re not laughing at your bikini line.

I am here to tell you, with all my years of beauty experience, I have never looked at whether or not your bikini line is trimmed. Or whether your legs are shaved. I really don’t look at these details that you all seem to be worrying about, I am doing my job, which is to make you feel incredible, gorgeous and confident. .

3. Yes, I look at your body in great detail.

I’ve observed your body closer than your best friend (and probably your boyfriend, too) but I’m doing it all so that when you go out on your date, or out with your friends, you walk out beaming with confidence – and an even tan.

I always look closely to check whether the tan is going on evenly – nobody wants a a blotchy, patchy bright orange tan, right?

“Your beauty therapist can see everything – although she isn’t really looking” (Image via iStock)

4. We don’t care about your size.

I can solemnly promise that your beauty therapist doesn’t care whether you’re a size six or a size 16. We don’t care if you haven’t had your bikini waxed in five years or if one boob appears bigger than the other. Why would we judge when we are also women with our own insecurities?

Next time you book your tan and begin to worry about taking your clothes off… please stop your thoughts in their tracks.

Before your tan

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This is the most important tip if you want a flawless, even tan. Make sure you exfoliate in the few days leading up to the tan. Focusing particularly on the knees and elbow area.
2. Shave or wax the day before.
3. No moisturiser, come to your appointment with clean dry skin and no deodorant on.
4. Bring some loose clothes to wear after your tan.

Exfoliation is key. No one wants to look…err..blotchy.

Post-tan routine

1. Wait the recommended time before washing (if it says two hours, wait two hours).
2. Shower using lukewarm water and body wash. (Don’t have a hot shower as this can make the tan come off unevenly).
3. Pat yourself dry.
4. Apply moisturiser daily to length the life of tan.