Remember Nelly? He's in a lot of trouble and needs your help.

Rapper Nelly is in a financial dilemma and he needs you and your music streaming services to save him.

TMZ reports he has more than $3.1 million AU owing to the IRS for unpaid taxes owed in 2013.

Fans have heard the news and a #SaveNelly movement has been born that may just work.

The plan is to stream hit song “hot in herre” so many times the royalties paid to the rapper will eventually lift the debt.



Spin reports fans will need to play the song approximately 287,176,547 times on streaming service Spotify.

287,176 547 times?

I did some potentially wrong maths to figure out that if five million fans get on board they will only need to play the song 57 times! 57 times! Doable!

According to Spotify, artists are paid somewhere between $0.006 and $0.0084 “per stream”.

Time did their own dodgy maths to work out the rapper would need a mere 402,880,500 plays to reach the goal.

The hashtag #SaveNelly reveals the fundraiser is already off to a racing start with fans inspired worldwide.

Come on, guys, we’ve got this. I’ve already streamed it seven times while writing this – catch up!

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