Why everyone's talking about Kim Kardashian West's "garbage bag" suit.

Given some of Kim Kardashian West’s fashion choices of late (Adidas snap pants over a corset? Really?) you may have mistaken her recent Snapchat showing her wearing plastic pants as a sartorial statement.

You would be wrong.

The black plastic pants – reminiscent of a good ol’ Aussie garbage bag – are actually part of her intense workout routine.

Anyone who follows a Kardashian Snapchat account – literally, it could be any of them – will know first hand just how much these girls love a good workout.

Their trainer, Don Brooks, is basically an honorary Kardashian, featuring in the daily exercise sessions from their palatial L.A. backyards. Kim doing hill sprints, Khloe doing push-ups, and Kourtney perpetually walking on the stairmaster. I swear that woman would be halfway to Australia by now if she was on flat land…

But Kim has out-Kardashian’d herself with yesterday’s Snapchat selfie in a sauna suit.


A sauna suit, for those not in the know, is a jumpsuit made out of rubber, vinyl, or plastic. The idea is that the suit traps the heat of your body as you exercise, making you sweat like a demon and therefore lose weight. From, uh, sweating.

Kim is apparently taking the lead from sister Khloe, who was snapped working out wearing a sauna suit top. In Khloe’s Snapchat, she tagged a sweaty selfie with the caption, “I did my workout in a sauna suit mind you.”


But Kim seems to have taken it one step further by donning both the sauna suit top and pants in an apparent bid to lose weight. Sigh.

Curious as to whether the Silver Linings Playbook-inspired get-up actually worked, I researched sauna suits online. Long story short: they don’t work.

Yes, you will lose weight – but that weight will be fluid only.

Wearing a sauna suit will leave you extremely dehydrated and can even lead to kidney failure or death. In fact, three wrestlers died in separate incidents from 1997 to 1998 in which they were wearing rubber sauna suits to lose weight.

Excessive sweating leads to electrolyte imbalances, causing heat stroke or a heart attack as a result of your body overheating.

From waist trainers to crazy diets, Kim Kardashian West and her sisters are no strangers to dramatic and unhealthy weight-loss fads.

But this one might be going too far.

We hope this goes without saying – do not try this at home.